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A New Years commitment to health and well-being

New Years Resolutions – what are they really all about? The dictionary says that a resolution is a firm decision to do, or to not do something. A firm decision—isn’t that just a one-time action? How long can that last? 

What if we thought more about commitments, instead of resolutions? Commitment requires being dedicated to a cause or an activity. To commit to something, you have to not only make the firm decision to do it, but then you have to dedicate yourself to it. We make commitments all the time. Small promises and some pretty big, life-long commitments, mostly to others, because we like to be counted on. And we do our best to always keep those commitments, to “keep our word” with continual action and dedication keeping that commitment alive.  

But think about this for a moment. When was the last time you made a commitment to yourself? It may have been a very long time. Let’s fix that and start 2017 with a commitment to ourselves, to our health, to our well-being. This is not to suggest selfishness. It suggests putting a priority on the commitment you make to yourself, your dedication to YOU. By doing this, then you will be allowing your very best self to commit to others, making those commitments richer and more meaningful.  

WINGS® Wellness, a program offered at all Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) communities, focuses on six key areas of health. Intellectual, social, vocational, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness are upheld in a variety of ways including classes, community events and spiritual care. Trained regional wellness directors provide education, guidance and support. Staff members at each PHS community also promote an atmosphere of support, growth, interaction, and friendship.

The support for wellness offered by WINGS is a commitment from PHS to residents. It is among the ways we resolve “to provide more choices and opportunities for more older adults to live well." (The PHS Vision)

Wishing you a most happy and healthy new year! 

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