20 www.preshomes.org Phone: 651-631-6408 Shining Star Gifts PHS offers residents and family members the opportunity to recognize PHS staff as Shining Stars by making a gift in their honor. Shining Star employees are notified of and recognized for this distinction at their communities at the time gifts are made in their honor. A special thank you to the following donors who made Shining Star gifts between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017. Anonymous (6) Myrtle Aho Jill and Robert Aicher Robert Akers Edith Allison Donald and Jean Lois Alsop Donald Asby Frances Atwood Robert and Marilyn Backlund Barbara Backstrom Richard and Cathy Bailey Helen Baker Nancy Baker Robert and Margaret Baker Marjorie Bathen Betty J. Bauer Theresa Bear Robert Beck Constance Bell Lucille Bellew Robert and Bonita Berguetski Helen W. Berlin Nancy L. Bernard Mary T. Bierbaum Julia Bild Milton Bix Constance Blodgett Marilyn J. Boe Sandra R. Boehm Jeanne Bonner Louise Botko Dean and Donna Boyum Kenneth N. and Shirley M. Brachmann Andrea U. Brainard Joanne M. Braun Margaret Bredeson Jeanne Bricher Richard E. and Ruth C. Brink Bruce John Broady Joan Broshar Alice J. Brown Margaret L. Brown Katie Burdette Franklin and Sandra Burris Harry and Myrna Camp Marcella M. Carlson June M. Carpenter Frances Carroll Shirley Chelsvig Margaret E. Christenson Elly Nyberg Clark Ruth E. Claxton Lynn Clayton Otis W. Cobb Phyllis Conley William D. and Janet M. Conley Peter and Judith Crawford Robert W. Cryder Robert and Carolyn Cuthill Larry and Sharon Davis Richard A. and Diane E. Devries Mei Dickerman Charlton H. Dietz Vernon and Shirley Discher Virgil M. Dissmeyer Lois R. Dornfeld Carolyn R. Dosser Marian M. Ducharme and David F. Lindblom Rosemary J. Dummer Victor and Mary Anna Eaton Joanne Edwall Eileen Eikill Pauline Eimen Lucile Einess Robert C. and Dolores A. Engelstad E. Jean Engle Karol Erickson Odean C. and Catherine M. Erickson Elsie Evans Roger M. and Frances L. Field Charles and Marie Fischer John H. and Patricia A. Floeder Phyllis J. Flory Maxine A. Fogarty Mary G. Fontaine Grace Foster William and Louisella Frank Leonard L. Franklin Adeline M. Fraser Johanna Frerichs Carolyn M. Fritz Glenn and Virginia Froberg Charles and Louise Frost Sally C. Gallatin Helen Gerten Ann A. Gibson Walter B. and Raeanna M. Gislason Ferol and H. George Golden Alberto Gonzalez Arleen Goranson Audrey M. Grote Lois Grothman Dorothy M. and Edgar M. Guertin Lorraine M. and Darrold L. Guttormson Tammy Gutzke Beverly Halvorson Susan K. Hannibal Ruth A. Hanson Jacqueline Harris David and Darlene Haskin Richard and Evelyn Headen Winifred Hed Maynard G. Heitner Leonard and Bonnie Helfand Lawrence and Barbara Hessburg Katherine Higgins Junice G. Hochbrunn Carol E. Hocking Warren and Marian Hoffman Elaine and Leon Hoffmann Gayle and Robert Holmes Bernard E. Holritz Richard and Marie Holt Esther Anne Horn Robert and Anne Horn William B. and Nancy C. Horn Allen W. Horstmeyer Doris Horton Grace Howitz Ray and Alice Hunder Pamela and James Jacobson Mary A. Japs Bruce Jenks Avonne G. Jiran Alta S. Johnson Barbara J. Johnson Bette M. Johnson David L. Johnson Jim and Jini Johnson Kenneth and Shirley Johnson Lennart and Patricia Johnson Steven J. and Nancy L. Johnson Valborg Johnson James Kamp Carol Kane Eugene W. Killey Deloris E. Kimbell Donald and Mary Lou Klassy William G. and Marlene M. Klett Deborah W. Knodt Joan and Andrew Knutson Marion Kodelka Janet Kohler Ruth F. Kohnen Dewaine K. and Lynn L. Kolbo Marian A. Krinke Milton Krona Eunice H. Kronholm Fred and Beverly Lafferty John W. and Nausica N. Lambros Melissa Larson Ruth E. Larson Ruth M. Larson Theresa B. and Stanley W. Larson John Lay Robert R. and Susan K. Boardman Mary and Wayne Leisman Thomas J. and Beda Ann Lewis Patricia Lindemann Jill M. and Dale B. Lindman Linda and Gregory D. Linnerooth Gerald and Judith Lipovetz Jean Ljungkull Constance Lloyd Nancy Loosbrock David and Mary Lee Losby Grant and Phyllis Lovelle Helen J. Lovingfoss Dorothy A. Lucus John and Gloria Luedtke Marjorie A. Lund Nadine Lynch Beverly J. Lysdahl Marilyn J. MacPherson George and Shirley Madoerin John and Kathryn Mailloux Gilbert L. and Martina L. Malm Frances J. Manderson Sarah Maney Lorraine Maroo Carol Martin Thomas B. and Eileen Mast Caroline Matzen Blanche Maurer Christine Maxson Josanne M. McCarver John and Helen McCormick Gertrude K. McCoy Lorna M. McDonald Mary L. McKenna Mary Bigelow McMillan Mark McNeill Heather McQueen Mary Meger Curtis L. and Verne M. Melberg Jane J. Michael Steve and Cheryl Michel Shirley Miles Margaret Miller Carol Mittelsteadt Stanley C. and Carol J. Moleski Barbara Morris Robert N. Morshare Seward H. Mott Muriel J. Muellner Wayne S. and Patsy A. Munson Michael and Geraldine Murray Carol Myers Holly Nelson Neal C. Nickerson, Jr. Stephen E. and Adelle C. North