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PHS Education Assistance

Our Employee Promise 

"Employees are the most important resource in our ministry. We are committed to an environment where employees are valued and empowered to make a difference.” 

We recognize how important education is for employees to achieve their personal and professional goals. As an organization where people make lifelong careers, PHS is committed to help each employee grow into his or her optimum role. Because employees are the most important resource in our ministry, we offer Education Assistance Scholarships and Nursing Loan Forgiveness.

Education Assistance Scholarship

Apply for up to $7,500 each year to pursue professional certification, vocational training, and undergraduate or graduate degrees in the field of aging services through an accredited educational institution or agency.

Eligibility requirements

  • PHS Education Assistance Scholarships are available to all employees who have been employed and in good standing for at least six months and worked at least 20 hours per pay period in the previous three months
  • Eligible expenses include tuition, books, required fees, supplies, equipment and reasonable costs for child care and transportation
  • Applicants must be endorsed by their manager, HR representative and Campus Administrator
  • Applications must be received and approved 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester or program for which the applicant is seeking the scholarship
  • Scholarships recipients must be scheduled and work an average minimum of 20 hours per pay period throughout schooling
  • Scholarship recipients are asked to make a 2-year commitment to PHS upon receipt of degree working a full time core schedule of at least 30 hours per week

Nursing Loan Forgiveness

PHS offers employees nursing loan forgiveness to help offset tuition and other related costs. This program provides reimbursement of the required minimum monthly/quarterly loan payments due for student loan expenses incurred while completing an LPN or RN degree program. This program is available to newly hired employees.

Eligibility requirements

  • Has been hired or promoted as RN or LPN within the last 12 calendar months  
  • Works a full-time core schedule of at least an average of 30 hours/week and performance remains in good standing
  • Is endorsed by their manager, HR representative and the Campus Administrator

Partnerships and Tuition Discounts

PHS partners with several colleges in the area. As an employee of PHS, you may qualilfy for up to a 10% discount! Visit their individual websites to learn more and contact them directly with questions.


Journey from job to ministryBrian Freeberg with resident

Read Brian Freeberg's story of becoming a nurse through hard work, commitment and the help of the PHS education assistance program. 


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