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Senior Lifestyle Design

senior lifestyle design logoExcellence by Design

Senior Lifestyle Design (SLD) consists of talented interior designers with highly-focused expertise in senior housing offer their knowledge about products, concepts and applications available on the market to ensure our communities are at the industry forefront. Careful research and comprehensive planning on every project results in design solutions that meet regulatory requirements, address specific functional necessities and offer maximum aesthetic appeal.

Complete Turnkey Results

The Senior Lifestyle Design team provides:

  • Comprehensive client needs assessment
  • Space planning
  • Finish & color scheme
  • Furniture, artwork and accessory selection
  • Product specification 
  • Budget development
  • Procurement services
  • Installations and staging

The key to SLD's expertise is the ability to strike a delicate balance between the structure of ambient settings and the strict state and federal regulations which govern senior housing. They understand how good design impacts resident safety, staff performance and maintenance ease. They have a proven track record of creating projects that are easily marketable and manageable through a streamlined development process.

For more information and to contact Senior Lifestyle Design, visit their full website

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