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Spiritual Care Programs & Services

The spiritual environment at Presbyterian Homes &Services centers on a commitment to creating strong, closely-knit community and its focus on holistic care - the health of the mind, body, and spirit. Regardless of your faith persuasion or affiliation, you will find a variety of spiritual experiences to enhance your daily life and honor your beliefs and practices. 

Spiritual Care services are here to offer you:

  • Regular worship, including the sacraments.
  • ​Spiritual growth activities including Bible studies, prayer groups and faith-based programs.
  • Visitation by a campus pastor, trained staff and volunteers following a move-in, hospitalization or for any reason upon your request or the request of your family.
  • Spiritual comfort and support for you and your family in times of crisis through compassionate presence, prayer, and confidential counsel.
  • Assistance for you and your family to cope with serious illness and end-of-life issues.
  • Creation and coordination of religious and memorial services for you or your loved one.
  • Support and encouragement to maintain your desired contact between you and your own faith community.

Signature ministries of PHS

Praying Hands Ministry provides instruction in the use of prayer as a form of Christian ministry and encourages residents, staff, volunteers and family to pray for and with one another. 

Comfort Care Baskets are offered to residents who are actively dying. The basket contains a variety of items to provide comfort to residents and their families facing death and the dying process. 

Bedside Memorial & Procession of Honor are services that provide an opportunity for families, residents and staff to celebrate life and mourn the passing of the deceased. Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, staff members on duty come together and offer this service when the time is appropriate.  With the approval of family, a staff member initiates the services for those who have gathered at the bedside or other designated place. The Bedside Memorial offers a time of prayer, reading of Scripture and reflection. Those gathered have an opportunity to share memories and exchange blessings. Following the Bedside Memorial, the Procession of Honor begins as the body is lovingly escorted to the front door of the community—leaving through the same door that the resident first entered the community. Employees, volunteers and neighbors line the halls in quiet respect as the procession passes by. This gives everyone in the community who have known and cared for that individual an opportunity to be present and mourn together.

The Service of Remembrance provides a regularly-occurring opportunity for staff, residents and families to remember those who have died in PHS communities. This service of worship provides a community gathering to express grief, a compassionate place to share stories and a respectful memorial from PHS.

Blessing of the Hands and Service of Dedication are ceremonies inviting staff to prepare themselves to serve through acts of ministry. Blessing of the Hands anoints the hands of each staff member with oil and blesses them for ministry. The Service of Dedication reinforces the importance of God’s blessing on staff members serving in key leadership and spiritual positions. While participation in these ceremonies is voluntary,  they have become a rich part of the new employee experience.

The Spiritual Life Committee at each PHS community manages, maintains and improves the quality of Spiritual Care programs and services provided to residents and clients.