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Dickson Hollow
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(From a letter to an employee) Lenny and I want to thank you for your outstanding leadership during this pandemic. We should have written a note a long time ago. We appreciate everything you have done to keep us informed, as well as all our family contacts. You have a great team working with you, and we are so glad we live here. You have brought grace and dignity [to] all of us [at] Dickson Hollow. Please don’t ever leave! Plus, you always have time for a “hello.” We love how you can talk to us at your meetings. You always have all the right answers and explanations. ~ Patty and Lenny

It's often said that location is everything, and this was true for us. We looked at floor plans and were delighted that we could almost recreate our home with a move to Dickson Hollow. Living here offers us the best options for our retirement years. Spending time with friends and traveling has become easier living at Dickson Hollow. Since moving in, several of our church friends have also moved into the community. We believe that Dickson Hollow and Presbyterian Homes & Services are doing good work and we appreciate that employees are open to listening and working with residents. ~Sandy and Roy Uelner

We reflect on how an increased level of care has led to increased independence. The thought of moving did not come easily for mom. As the daughter I worried about my mom being at home alone. When she didn’t answer the phone, I would worry and wonder. Dickson Hollow is just a five-minute drive from our family home of 58 years. On March 13, 2020, mom moved to Dickson Hollow. We agreed coming here was like coming home, it had everything. The very next day on March 14, pandemic safety restrictions went into effect, yet mom hasn’t missed a beat. Mom calls everyone here “girlfriend”, whether she knows them or not. We agree everybody’s her girlfriend! Had mom been in her home when COVID hit, she would have been extremely isolated. Coming here, she was meeting friends and getting more attention and more socialization than ever. Mom fits in so well and as her daughterI do not worry about her anymore. I have peace of mind that she’s here. Everybody takes exceptional care, and she’s very happy here. Mom tells me “They’re very, very good to me here, and I love it – it’s beautiful. You did a good job.” ~Daughter Lisa and Resident Patsy

What is so special in Patsy and Lisa's story, is how the move to Dickson Hollow has been a blessing to thier entire family. Patsy has flourished here at Dickson Hollow and Lisa has been able to stop worrying about her mom alone in her home. In my role as Housing Counselor, I am blessed to be able to assist, not only residents, but entire families through these transitions. ~Dena, Dickson Hollow Housing Counselor

Even though my grandma was only able to call Dickson Hollow home for a short time, it was the absolute best experience my family could have asked for. The staff is friendly, responsive, and compassionate. We knew she was receiving the best care possible, which brought us so much comfort. If you are looking for a senior community for yourself or your loved one, Dickson Hollow should definitely be at the top of your list. ~Chistina D. 

I have lived here for 4 years and I am happier than I have ever been in my life! The staff at all levels is caring and always trying to improve our environment and experiences. I sold our house and my husband and I moved here because of his failing health. He passed 1 1/2 yrs. ago and I’m still here and loving it. I wanted a place that didn’t look or smell like a nursing home, and we found it at Dickson Hollow. We also wanted a place where we could transition to assisted care or memory care if we needed it, but remain within the social network we worked so hard to develop. We also wanted to have dining options on the premises so that I wouldn’t have to cook all our meals or go out, especially in the winter. This facility has everything we were looking for and the cost is well below other high-end facilities we considered, and it’s very beautiful inside and out! ~Linda K.


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