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My daughter chose EagleCrest for me when I moved here from Florida. I've been part of the community since 2016. My favorite thing about living here is the employees are nice. They are able to answer questions, and if they cannot, they will find somebody who can! My favorite activity to do is walking. I really like going out back and looking at the creek. All the meals here are pretty good, but I like the casseroles in particular. I would recommend EagleCrest to folks because it has a continuum of care so they have the ability to keep caring for you in many ways even if your health circumstances change.  ~ Caryl Gryzll

I moved to EagleCrest in 2015. I lived in the Terrace until December 2020, and then moved to the Commons. I decided to live at EagleCrest because it is close to my sister. My favorite thing about living here is that I don't have to cook anymore! I absolutely love the food here, especially the white chicken chili. My favorite activity is Bingo! I would recommend EagleCrest because it is a lovely place to live, it is comfortable and there are friendly people who work here. ~ Pat Mead

I have lived at EagleCrest Terrace since April of 2012. I chose this community because it has a nice atmosphere and the apartment has a large ktichen, which is what I wanted. I love my view! I can look out and see beautiful trees and nature, which reminds me of home. 

I think it’s a wonderful place to meet people, it is a pleasure to talk to all of the residents. It is also close to everything, so I didn’t have to drive very far when I was driving. I used to participate in chimes when I could, which I loved. I still enjoy chatting with my neighbors and I am very happy where I am. Finally, I think we have wonderful staff, Presbyterian Homes must have a knack for picking the right people – from the top down, they are top notch! ~ Audrey Huset

I looked at several places around Christmastime. When we walked in to EagleCrest, my son in law stopped and told me it looked like we were walking into Downton Abbey! We ended up choosing EagleCrest because the people were friendly. I enjoy the independence that I have here and I feel like the workers are friendly and helpful. I go to just about all of the activities as I love all that is going on. I also enjoy volunteering in the Library that we have. I would tell people to move into EagleCrest because it allows you to have independence but that there is help if you were to ever need it. Also, with all of the activities – you will never be bored! ~ Dorothy

My wife, Jane, and I chose EagleCrest for a few reasons. First, several families from church have already been living in the Terrace, so I already had friends prior to moving in. Second, I was familiar with the Presbyterian Homes & Services culture, as well as the CEO Dan Lindh, since I once worked security at Johanna Shores. Finally, EagleCrest is close to my children. We made the decision to move in 2015. Now, since living in the Hearth, I enjoy having meals prepared and appreciate the nursing care services that EagleCrest offers. Specifically, I enjoy the chicken and mashed potatoes. My favorite is breakfast through because I like the malt-o-meal! My favorite activities revolve around spiritual activities, such as: Bible study and singing hymns. I also enjoy reading books and browsing the library for new books to read. I would recommend EagleCrest beacuse I like the warm personalities of the residents and staff alike. ~ Perry

I have lived at EagleCrest for four and a half years. I started at the terrace, and then moved to the commons in early 2020. I decided to live at EagleCrest because of its wonderful location. It was near my church and shops. What also intrigued me was the different level of care that EagleCrest provides. Some of my favorite things about living here is the security, friendly staff, surrounding area, and being able to have an in-house provider. My favorite activities at EagleCrest are exercise, chapel, and any musical programs. I enjoy the meals. My favorite dish is the egg bake. I also like that lunch and dinner are served with either a soup or a salad, and a dessert. I would recommend EagleCrest because of its excellent staff, cleanliness, and the spirit of the community. ~ Maria Lange

I moved to EagleCrest in July of 2020. The reason I choose EagleCrest originally is because it was close to my son. I like the friendliness of the people and the benefits we have here. I can have breakfast, I go to the ice cream social once a week and I have access to meals that are affordable. During the winter, I used the exercise room every day. Now that it is nice out, I take advantage of the surrounding walking paths – I take about a mile walk everyday. I would recommend EagleCrest to anyone! Mostly, I would recommend that someone move to EagleCrest because all of the people are very nice. On top of the kindness of the people, EagleCrest is also convenient, has wonderful facilities and is clean. I am very happy to live in this community. ~ Darayus Bharucha

I decided to live at EagleCrest because it was close to home and close to Bethel University, where my husband and I attended various events. In addition, I knew 9 other people who lived in the Terrace, so I knew I would have familiar faces in the community as soon as I moved in.

I have been living at EagleCrest since 2005. I love living here because I enjoy the friendships and kindness of the residents and staff, and the cares I receive here are very good. My favorite activities to attend are the music based group activities, such as singalongs, but I also enjoy shuffleboard, spelling bees, and exercise. My favorite food is the cottage cheese and fresh fruit platter at lunch. I would recommend EagleCrest to any person as it is the best place in town that I know of to live and I also like the good Christian atmosphere. ~ Lillian Rendahl

My husband, John, and I have lived at EagleCrest for over 5 years. We looked at many places but decided to make EC our home because John’s brother and sister-in-law lived here. I liked that it was a convenient location and we used to walk to all of the nearby stores. I like that all of the residents are friendly and kind. We love ice cream social, playing cribbage with residents in the solarium and we were part of the floor representatives for three years. We adore Pastor Kurt – he cares about people and isn’t artificial. We love Dani because she cares about people and leads from the heart. We would recommend people to come live here because of the staff and residents, it is also nice to know that if we need more care one day we can stay in the same community, and we will have friends already in the assisted living, if the time comes. Finally, I appreciate being able to bring any concern forward. ~ Donalee Schmaedeke

I have lived at EagleCrest Terrace for 6 years in October. I looked at a few places in the area before choosing EagleCrest and the other place felt more modern whereas EagleCrest felt "homey". When an apartment came available, my son took me to take a look and we rented it on the spot! At the time it was against my wishes, I didn’t want to leave my home, but looking back it was the best thing I ever did. Generally I love everything about this place. But I guess the best thing about it is the people – the residents and administration are wonderful. I love playing cards, knitting and volunteering – I help at the country store and I call Bingo. The activities are great – even during COVID we have resident volunteers playing the piano. I have met a lot of friends here. Another thing is that it is in a very convenient location and the views are great. Overall I am very happy here and I would recommend it to anyone! ~ Rita Adam

I moved to EagleCrest Terrace in 2016 because my friend, Iva, lived here and I visited her on several occasions. Here are my top four favorite things about EagleCrest:
1. The location is perfect. You are close to both St. Paul and Minneapolis. The shopping is great. Shopping, Walmart, and groceries are just a stone's throw away.
2. The staff here are just wonderful and kind. Every single one of them!
3. There are so many opportunities to be involved and volunteer.
4. The residents are the reason to move here - everyone is so positive and kind!

I have also enjoyed Optage (the home and community based division of PHS). After my stroke, Optage was fantastic when I came back home. They came right to my apartment and assisted me with everything I needed. ~ Peggy Glass

I moved to EagleCrest with my husband, Bernie, in 2017, to the Terrace. In 2019, we moved to the Commons together. What I like most about this place is the people. Everyone here knows my name, even if I might not know theirs. My favorite meal to eat here is breakfast. I eat it everyday. And if you haven't heard yet, everyone around here knows that they can always find me at bingo or at exercise class. Excercise class is very important to me and I never miss Bingo! I would tell anyone to move here because of the people - residents and staff. I have to admit, I like living at the Commons even more than I liked living at the Terrace. Sure there are more restrictions at the Commons than the Terrace, but it's an even better atmosphere! ~Dororthy Schnitzus

I have lived in the Hearth for a little over two years. I like that Presbyterian Homes is Christian based. I also enjoy all of the relationships that I have developed while living here. I enjoy almost all activities; Bible study and Chapel are the first to come to mind. However, I also enjoy watching movies, playing bingo and doing exercises. The only things I don't go to are the Catholic services or the men's group, ONLY because I don't fit either of those categories! I've always enjoyed breakfast and that hasn't changed since coming here. In the mornings, the culinary department serves me scrambled eggs, sausage, grapefruit and cranberry juice. I would recommend EagleCrest because of the people! ~Eileen Werner

The staff is just wonderful. They are like our family. I really think of this place as family. With the pandemic and the isolation they are what keeps you going. The residents are fantastic. I have made really good friends here. I am even friends with the residents’ families. I love Chapel and Pastor Kurt is wonderful. I enjoy doing the music programs and anything to do with cooking or food. Mari is always whipping up something special. I was adopted by a staff member named Becky. I love her and my grandsons. I feel safe here and I am grateful for that. I can't imagine being in my house by myself. I am grateful I am here. ~Dolly Murray

I have lived at EagleCrest for a year and a half. I was introduced by a friend who lived here and recommended it to me. I was immediately drawn to the Christian atmosphere, and the welcoming staff. My favorite activities include chime choir, exercise, and chapel. I love all the food, but my favorite meal is breakfast. The eggs are delicious! I would recommend EagleCrest due to the friendly staff that work here! ~ Jean Brede

Ethel-Carr.pngWhen I first visited EagleCrest, I thought for sure one day I would move here. I liked the atmosphere. When asked what I like most about living here, its hard to answer. Not because there isn’t anything to like – it's because there are so many things. Everyone here is so kind and friendly – from the aides, to the servers, to the administrative staff. I love playing bingo and exercising. Additionally, they never serve food I don’t like. My favorite meal to eat is breakfast, especially the waffles with a slice of bacon! I would recommend EagleCrest because of the great care you get and the overall friendliness. ~ Ethel Carr

Dee-Savard.pngDee Savard was a resident at EagleCrest for almost exactly two years. She came to our community on September 20th 2018 and passed away on September 30th 2020.

When asked what Dave, her son, would say about EagleCrest to potential residents. He explained, “By putting my mom here, it allowed me to sleep better at night. EagleCrest is like a second family to me and my family. It is the little things in life that matter most to people. For example, how Nick in culinary knew how much she loved oatmeal. When you look at other senior living communities, you don’t see much choice offered to residents. At EagleCrest my mom had so many choices.”

When asked what he would like to say to EagleCrest staff: “What don’t I want to tell EagleCrest staff? Thank you. Please keep showing the love in your work, I could always feel the love. I didn’t only lose my mom when she died, I lost my other family. The last moments of her life were so memorable. The staff treated us and her so well. It was like they were going through it with us. And the bedside memorial, hearing the stories from staff and sharing our stories, it was beautiful. Thank you." ~ Dave Savard

Arla-Savage.pngArla Savage is a resident who just hit her 6 year anniversary. When asked what first brought her here, she stated, "EagleCrest had accommodations for everything that I was looking for." She also recalls there is a friendly, pleasant atmosphere she was drawn to. Arla enjoys many things here, but a few of her favorites are the food, the staff, the residents, and last but not least: the Arbor courtyard. Activities are also a high point for her. She states that she enjoys going on scenic drives as well as bible studies with campus pastor, Kurt Linn.
"For all these reasons, I recommend EagleCrest as a great place to live!" ~ Arla Savage

Gene-Kennedy.pngI have lived at EagleCrest for 8 years in August. We were living in our family home, but my daughter lives near here so we made a transition. I believe the Holy Spirit brought me here. There are many things about this place I love, but here are a few (in no particular order).

1. We have great privacy in our apartment.
2. All of the residents look fantastic.
3. Our employees. We have the finest group of employees that we could have. Just this morning someone said “I look forward to coming to work”. They treat us with dignity and compassion.
4. Variety of activities.
5. Leadership. Dani runs a good ship where people feel comfortable bringing concerns forward.
6. We have rules around COVID and we are kept informed.
7. We have a good community of residents here. They become like our second family.
8. Pastor Kurt is amazing. He gives his full attention to anyone he is speaking to.

I would recommend this place to anyone. ~ Gene Kennedy

Jeanne-Weyandt.pngLots of times, when you are told you should look for an assisted living place, you don't know where to go. I am writing to tell you about the place where I live now. I came to visit a couple of friends of mine and had a good look at the place. Its name is EagleCrest. My son and daughter-in-law brought me here to look it over. We went into a room that lost its owners and was being renovated. My son said "Mom, you're crazy if you don't move in here." So, we paid a deposit and moved in a few days later.

I have lived at EagleCrest for a little over a year. I decided to live at EagleCrest because the dining room was nice, and the scenery around the building was beautiful. My favorite thing about living here is the place is clean, the food is very good and the employees are so nice (they know your name!). My favorite activities are socializing, exercise, sing alongs and sermons. My favorite meal is the fish. I would recommend EagleCrest because the building is nice and clean, the employees are welcoming and they provide wonderful care. ~ Jeanne Weyandt 

(Click here to read a hand written letter from Jeanne to leaders of Presbyterian Homes & Services, expressing her appreciation for the wonderful care she receives.)

Howard sitting in chairIf you ask my wife, Helene, how she liked it at EagleCrest Commons she would say, "I just love it here! The people are so friendly, helpful and kind." Since my wife is by nature an up-beat and positive person, it gives my son and daughter great comfort to see her surrounded by a friendly and helpful staff. 
Having the essential caregiver program gives me the opportunity to spend more time each day with my wife. Our family and the staff recognize how cruel extended isolation can become. Having contact with our loved ones is a God send. 
We cannot overstate our observation of how the entire support staff have developed such a caring and supportive climate at the Commons. The minute I walked in the door I am greeted warmly at the front desk. A huge added responsibility has been unloaded on the leadership and staff because of Covid-19. They are navigating through these tough times with courage and strength. 
My son Andy has dealt with much of the financing, medical and care for his mom. He has a good cooperative relationship. He helped find the Commons after Helene's fall and we are grateful to have her nearby and well cared for. 
We would be the first to recommend this wonderful place. ~ Howard Hass

My sweet and loving 83 year old mom had a fall down some stairs just over one year ago. My sister, Dad and I determined it would be best for her if she found an assisted living place, as she also started showing some minor indications of Alzheimer’s. We are so grateful and lucky to have the peace of mind we have with the staff at EagleCrest. Mom says to me almost every time I talk to her, "What a nice place it is," or "they are all so friendly," or "thanks Andy for finding me this place." I truly feel they genuinely care for the wellbeing of my wonderful mom! ~ Andy Hass

First, my 91 year old mother loves this place. We have been separated because of Covid 19, but I talk to her frequently each week, and each conversation usually includes her telling me how lucky she is to be living at Eagle Crest. Over and over she tells me about how she came to get her unit when she and my brother visited a little over a year ago. She tells me to emphasize how lucky she was. She likes her unit and the food. She misses communal dining and, like all of us, awaits the time it will return. She loves the staff, and I mean virtually everyone. That includes administrators, people who deliver the food, and the guy who regularly helps her with the channel changer for the TV after she miss programs it or hits the wrong button. Second, my siblings and I like it too. Especially during the pandemic, there has been frequent, clear communication. We, too, have found a friendly staff and good listeners when we have had a concern. We all want to be independent as long as we can, but if a time comes when I can no longer be on my own, Eagle Crest would be fine with me. ~ Greg Weyandt

Eagle Crest in Roseville has created a wonderful, homelike atmosphere for my mother in both assisted-living and memory care. She says frequently she can’t imagine a better place to live. As a family, we couldn’t be more pleased with the support, kindness and compassion offered to us. Particularly in this pandemic, when all resources are stretched thin, Eagle Crest has gone above and beyond expectations. ~ Anne LeDuc

My 91 year old mother lived at the Eaglecrest Terrace for four years, before moving to the Commons for the past two years.  It has come to be her home, a place where she feels known, welcomed, and cared for. On many levels,  the physical space, the social community, the care of the staff,  the spiritual support, Eaglecrest has come to be what I had hoped it would be in these years when she has had to face losses in her independence and in the people, places, and activities that had been part of her life.  And particularly in this year of a pandemic, I have appreciated how her family has been welcomed in continuing to play a vital role in her life as essential caregivers.
A recent experience illustrated what she, and I, respect about this community.  After a brief hospitalization, she found herself in a transitional care facility, unaffiliated with Eaglecrest.  After 3 weeks in the new facility, her experience was that they did not understand her needs, so were not responding to what she needed to regain her health. The staff at Eaglecrest offered to come to her facility and assess her readiness to return to her assisted living in the Commons. In spite of having more significant needs than when she went into the hospital a month earlier, a plan was made to support her return home, with my wife and I included in the process. She felt welcomed, wanted and supported. That's what you need in a home, and she's grateful to have one. ~ Bryan Kingsritter

 ~ Marlys Kingsriter

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