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Highland Ridge
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Long Term Care

Care Center

The Gables

Skilled Nursing Care for Short-Term Stay

Personal suites with kitchenettes and private baths offer a comfortable setting where skilled or Medicare services can be provided. Benefit from all therapies—physical, speech and occupational—readily available in the adjoining fitness center. The intimately sized residence is relaxed and personalized. Small “households” of 13-14 persons create neighborly gatherings for meals. Each household is served by a dedicated team of universal care providers. 

LibertyPersonally Designed Living, developed by Presbyterian Homes & Services, provides resident-centered care creating opportunities for each person to determine what they want to do, when they want to do it. Everything from sleep choices, meal choices, and care routines are structured by what the resident prefers. The care team adapts its priorities and work routines to support personal preferences.

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