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I remember when I moved in- it was 2004 and Highland Ridge wasn’t even all the way built. We used to meet in the Holden’s metal building just south of Highland Ridge. What an exciting day it was getting to see my apartment for the first time. My first week here was so joyous, everyone was so willing to help, the staff was kind, and it was amazing to have people around. Throughout my time of living at Highland Ridge I have been blessed to have the opportunity to share my gifts and talents with others by helping at the front desk as a receptionist and helping sew, I used to help with mending the flags. I am still able to serve others by making hats for babies and donating them. People should stop and see what Highland Ridge has to offer and realize that they will have people around them that care about them, it is a friendly place, and the dining room experience is friendly with lots of people to talk to. ~Pauline Eimen

In 2004, when Highland Ridge first opened, my husband, Edgar, and I attended the Open House. We both agreed that we would move here when it was time for us to make that move. They had 2 Village Homes available and we chose one of them. We moved here in August 2011. We were very happy with our new home and lived there until 2014, when it was getting harder for me to care for my husband. Edgar moved to the Gables (care center), and I moved to an apartment in Independent Living in the main building. I  have been so happy living here. All of my neighbors are so friendly. The staff is so friendly and helpful. We have a dining room where you can eat lunch and dinner. Until the pandemic, we had so many activities during the week—music by several different performers, Bingo, card games, and other activities. Best of all, we had church services every Sunday afternoon, with pastors from the local churches conducting the services. I would say that Highland Ridge is the best choice for seniors, for we have Independent Living, Assisted Living, Care Center and Memory Care. COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! ~ Alice Heitshusen

When my Husband and I were looking for a home to spend the rest of our lives, we toured Highland Ridge. My Husband was a patient at the University of Iowa Hospital with a lifelong heart issue. We were looking for a close commute to Iowa City. Quickly, Highland Ridge exceeded our greatest of expectations. We were immediately treated like family and still are surprised that the staff remember our names. And just when we thought they had provided all we were looking for, they added an Olympic size swimming pool and an Auditorium for concerts. The Townhouse we lilve in is very spacious and well designed. The staff is very caring and quick to help in time of need. We are very happy we made the decision to make the village of Highland Ridge our home. ~ Jane Alexander

I spent two years traveling and looking for a senior living center. I looked at eight places in six states: TX, AR, MO, IA, SC, WI. Highland Ridge was not on that list. I decided since I have family in this area I should stop and look at Highland Ridge. Highland Ridge offered me a modern facility with more, considerably more, flexibility in housing and financing than any other facility, and their monthly fees were in the lower half of the places I visited. With the booklets Ashley provided I was able to choose housing options that would meet my needs and my budget. All my questions about making the move to Highland Ridge were answered directly and straightforward. I moved to Williamsburg from southwest Missouri to rent a house and wait for an opening to become available.  When that opening occurred Ashley and Mandy provided recommendations for moving services that made my move to Highland Ridge the easiest move of my life. Pleasant surprises were that the entire staff, not just the "front office folks" are very friendly and engaging and that Highland Ridge has a very substantial spiritual ministry and Bible study program. I am very happy with my choice to be part of the Highland Ridge family. ~ Gary Stratton

I would like to share my recommendation for Highland Ridge. My parents have been living on the campus for 12 years. They started in the townhomes and then moved to independent living apartments. A few years ago they moved to assisted living and then my father lived in the care center. The facility and staff are just amazing. My parents could not have found a better place to live. Highland Ridge provides many social activities each day. I could not be happier with our choice of Presbyterian Homes. ~ Resident family member

As a family who lives thousands of miles away from our aging mother, we are so fortunate that she lives at Highland Ridge. I would highly recommend them as a safe and caring place to reside. Even with the miles between us, Highland Ridge does an amazing job of communicating. This is especially important with the onset of the COVID-19 virus. We know our mother is safe and happy at Highland Ridge. ~ Resident family member

My mother moved into an independent living apartment at Highland Ridge in 2004 as one of its original residents. Her apartment had a beautiful view of Williamsburg, the farm fields, and the sunsets. Recently she moved into an assisted living apartment and has similar beautiful views. My mother has enjoyed living at Highland Ridge and is grateful for Highland Ridge’s superb quality of care. She loves the staff and her fellow residents. The staff are helpful, courteous, and experts at what they do. My family and I are pleased, too, because we know she is well taken care of and the staff can respond to any health emergency. The staff also works well with family members in providing care. We especially appreciate how Highland Ridge has protected my mother and the other residents of Highland Ridge from COVID-19 during the pandemic. As of September 1, 2020, none of the residents of Highland Ridge have contracted COVID-19 due to the protective measures the staff instituted to protect residents. Highland Ridge definitely fulfills its mission of giving seniors the freedom to live well. ~ Erik Winborn


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