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In my late 70's I knew it was time to stop fighting the stairs, stop shoveling snow off the driveway, and find a place to settle down and smell the roses. My oldest daughter and I visited a number of Senior Living Communities in Washington and Dakota Counties and we found what I was looking for at Norris Square, a Presbyterian Homes Community in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. This was in November 2011. 

I know it's tough to give up your home and clear out 56 years worth of all the "stuff" you have accumulated and cut it down to what you are really going to need. At Norris Square I found a one-bedroom apartment with a large den on the ground floor where Liza, my little Yorkie, and I could settle down. I hadn't lived in an apartment since I was 5 years old and had many apprehensions about apartment living. The Norris Square Housing Counselor and the other staff members were very helpful and smoothed the way for Liza and me.

My wife and I had lived in Cottage Grove since 1960, so it wasn't a long-distance move. In fact, Norris Square is less than a mile from where my first house was located in Thompson Grove. Norris Square is ideally located just a short block from the US Hwy 10-61 interchange at 80th Street. This location is central to restaurants, banks, supermarkets, doctors, dentists, etc.

It seems that everyone, or nearly everyone, here knows from their life experiences how important a smile, a cheery hello, and friends are to a happy life. Liza and I quickly made new friends and became part of the Norris Square Community.

If you’re thinking about making a change in your life situation, I strongly suggest you give our Norris Square community a good hard look-over. I did and I'm very satisfied.

Jim Stoker 


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