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The staff at Timber Hills has been wonderful. My mom needed special preparation for her surgery, and the staff was phenomenal in how they provided their assistance. This included giving my mom 2 showers. I thought my mom would object to getting this help. After her first shower, she was thrilled. She said they were gentle and did such a good job. After the second one, she said I should give this to my friends. She has dementia and I believe she thought she was at a spa!

For this prep, I was able to stay overnight with my mom. One of the staff, with no hesitation, offered to let me use her air mattress, which worked perfectly.  The day of surgery came and the hospital nurse called Timber Hills and spoke with the memory care nurse. After hanging up, she said she was impressed.  The hospital nurse has dealt with many memory care places, but Timber Hills knew exactly what was going on and the medicines, etc. This is something I knew, but it was nice to hear it from a professional in the field. ~Terri Pieper

It is approaching one year since my mom first moved to Timber Hills. She had been living alone in Sun Lakes, AZ and during COVID, “living alone” takes on a whole new meaning - one that is concerning to loving family members who are 1,600 miles away. Her situation required more personal attention and interaction on a daily basis. We were so very fortunate that there was an opening at Timber Hills during our family’s hour of need.

It is clear that not all assisted living sites have taken the same steps as Timber Hills. I am very thankful, because it was confirmed to me that Timber Hills was striving to do everything possible to keep my mom safe.

Today, Mom is truly enjoying her time at Timber Hills. Every time I call her and she doesn’t answer her phone, I wonder if she is playing bingo, participating in a craft session, enjoying a live concert or just visiting with friends in the lounge area. All this is being done safely. I can’t wait for what fun is in store for her when things are safely able to get back to "normal". It is so comforting to know that she is in a very good place, where the entire Timber Hills staff don’t simply provide care for my mom on a daily basis, but truly care about her. ~Jeff Donnelly

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