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Dinner is just a click away with

Optage diningOptage® Senior Dining Choices has launched a convenient and user-friendly website:  Now you can go online to select your choice of fresh-made, home-delivered meals that are ready to heat, eat and enjoy—all delivered right to your door! 

The website features over 60 tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items, including vegetarian, diabetic and low-sodium options. You can shop and fill your cart with your choice of delicious entrées featuring a balanced meal of protein, vegetable and starch, with the option to make it a full meal by adding a beverage, fruit, dinner roll and dessert. Then, to pay and arrange for delivery, set up a secure account online and check out. You can review and revise your order before you pay and most major credit cards are accepted.

Within 5 business days, your meals are delivered by an Optage delivery specialist who can offer assistance with storing the meals, and provide instructions to prepare your meals. Little to no preparation is required! Heat-and-eat entrees are stored in your freezer giving you the freedom to dine when you wish. Sandwiches, salads, fruit and milk are refrigerator-fresh and ready to eat anytime you please. 

For over 60 years, Presbyterian Homes & Services has been serving meals to older adults like you and has experience listening and learning to create satisfying and delicious culinary options that delight the palate. As one of the bridging options of Optage, the home care division of Presbyterian Homes & Services, Senior Dining Choices is designed to help you simplify meal preparation and stay independent in your own home.

Senior Dining Choices delivers nearly 40,000 meals per month to the doors of 2,000 or more households in the Twin Cities metro area helping older adults maintain the good daily nutrition necessary for their health and well-being, and supports their choice to remain in their homes. To learn more or to shop and order visit  Or you can contact Senior Dining Choices by calling 651-746-8280 or email

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