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Faith, forgiveness, gratitude and hope

Optage HospiceHospice: once a word that evoked shelter for tired or ill religious pilgrims, the term has come to describe a concept of end-of-life care centered on quality of life. When a person faces a life-limiting illness, he or she often questions life’s purpose and meaning and wonders how to hold on to hope as the end of life approaches. 

Optage® Hospice understands and honors these questions by offering a compassionate holistic approach to care that aims to help older adults facing a life-limiting illness live each day as fully and comfortably as possible. This care attends not only to the person’s need for physical relief, but for their emotional and spiritual needs as well. Optage Hospice Chaplains can offer help to persons who are grappling with the spiritual and emotional issues surrounding death.

As members of the Optage Hospice care team, Chaplains bring specialized skills and understanding to help individuals and families access the resources of faith. Their role is to open the door to conversation and remain present if a person wishes to talk. They are prepared to engage with those who are grappling with fear, suffering, uncertainty, estrangement, resentment, grief and a host of difficult emotions and spiritual questions. 

They are also available to listen and talk about such matters as faith, forgiveness, gratitude, hope, and what makes life worth living now and beyond death. They stand ready to share in prayer, scripture, hymns and music or other means of spiritual reflection that respect the faith of those they serve. They can also help individuals and families stay in touch with their home faith community and spiritual leaders. 

As a bridging option of Optage® home and community services, Optage Hospice plays a significant role in the continuum of care provided by Presbyterian Homes & Services and shares a foundation of ministry that upholds the Christian spirit of compassion and service. To learn more about Optage Hospice, call 651-746-8200, visit or follow us on Facebook

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