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Making a promise to employees from Day 1

Employees are the most important resource in our ministry—we say it often and with good reason. We recognize how important it is to find and keep people with talent and dedication who understand and uphold our mission of service to residents, clients and their families. From Day 1, Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) makes this promise to our employees: We are committed to an environment where employees are valued and empowered to make a difference.

PHS EmployeesThis starts with the PHS employee onboarding program that every employee attends within their first two days on the job. The program extends a warm welcome and introduces a new employee to PHS. Senior staff leaders conduct the program to introduce the mission, vision, values and history of PHS and provide an understanding of a new employee’s role in our ministry to older adults.

Danielle Salisbury, PHS employee, knows the value of the onboarding program. When Danielle first came to PHS in 2013 as a recent graduate, before the program launched, she spent her first day alone in a quiet room working through computer training modules. ‘It was not that my first day was bad by any measure,” she remembered, “but it was missing something – it missed telling me about the root of PHS: the Christian Culture.”

Danielle left PHS but returned in 2016 to begin her current position as Leader in Training. “Onboarding the second time around was a completely different experience,” she said. Danielle was already aware and excited by the Christian Culture that she had experienced in her previous time of employment with PHS. It is one of the primary reasons she returned. “The onboarding program brought the faith-based foundation of PHS to light. It inspired me to work in an organization that truly walks the talk and helped me prepare to touch the hearts of older adults,” she said.

Danielle can see how the program is starting other employees off well. “It is a great way for new employees to understand what PHS is all about by showing them how we deeply care for those we serve as well as for each other as employees and as humans,” she said. “The class helps employees feel more comfortable by explaining how we communicate throughout the organization, how we measure our organization’s progress towards meeting its current goals, and where we are going in the future. We share the opportunities for career growth and how our faith-based values are intertwined in every aspect of what we do. This makes an intimidating new job actually inviting,” she said.

Through the PHS employee onboarding program we tell every new employee that:

  • They have touched our hearts by choosing to join PHS.
  • They will touch the hearts of the people they serve in their new roles.
  • On Day 1 and throughout their career with PHS, we hope that their hearts will also be touched.

Employment at PHS is more than just a job; it is a world of relationships, responsibilities and expectations providing a sense of identity and belonging. The goal of employee onboarding program is to prepare ready and engaged people who know PHS and can grow professionally and spiritually in their daily ministry to those we serve. We aspire to touch our employees’ hearts because we want to inspire them to enrich older adults’ lives.

Click here to find out how you can touch people’s lives and enrich yours in a career with PHS.

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