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Skip the slush, take a PHS bus!

Softly falling snowflakes can be a welcome sight when viewed from the comfort of your home, cozied up next to a fireplace. However, when the snow poses a threat to your plans to go out for the day, it may not be such a welcome guest. The chilly winter season brings about a challenge for travelers, often confining people to their homes and postponing their plans. Within most Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) communities, the PHS bus offers a warm and safe alternative! Several PHS residents were asked to share their thoughts on this unique benefit.

Residents riding the busFreedom and socialization

When an older adult gives up driving, adapting to this new reality can evoke a sense of loss of independence and feel like a limitation to their freedom. Many who take advantage of the PHS buses describe that although they had to give up driving, the ability to get out gives them a feeling of independence again. Zoe Ann Palmer explains,

“It gives me freedom and enhances my feelings of independence. It gives me a way to socialize off campus.”

A change in scenery Most Presbyterian Homes communities have access to a bus for recreational outings and planned errands. PHS communities offer scheduled transportation to a variety of places. Lois Grothman explained,

“The PHS bus gives me access to groceries, banks, drugstores, theaters, special events, variety stores and malls. My favorite outing was to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater to see ‘Camelot!’”

Lois likes the convenience of the bus and that she can join outings to places she would not ordinarily go. From simple trips to the post office to special venues like the State Fair or science museum exhibits; there is always something to satisfy someone’s wanderlust.

Safe travels

Drivers and volunteers take care to ensure that the passengers are travelling safely. Many buses are equipped with an electronic lift and custom wheelchair connections making it possible for most anyone to go on outings. Lois Hudlow commented,

“Our drivers see that we get on and off safely and help with our purchases…the door-to-door service is great!”

Taking a PHS bus ensures that a staff member or volunteer is available to offer a helping hand when needed. During this winter season, residents take solace in knowing there are alternatives to travelling alone and braving the icy roads. Lois Hudlow says,

“I’m happy to leave the driving to others and just sit back and enjoy the ride, and let someone else deal with the weather and traffic.”

Maintenance free

Although it may be difficult to give up driving, the worry and cost of maintaining a vehicle is easy to part with. Oil changes, tire wear, gas and insurance payments are just a few of the costs you will no longer incur when taking the PHS bus. Several riders explain that they rarely need to ask family members to take them places because of the availability of the bus.

Those who can no longer drive and those who simply don’t want to can appreciate the many benefits of riding a PHS bus. Opportunities to run necessary errands as well as going on special outings reignite a sense of freedom and independence. Trading the worry of driving on snowy roadways for safe passages in a warm bus makes the winter season all the more tolerable.

Skip the slush, take a PHS bus!

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