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Abiding in Christian Culture

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God." - I John 4:7

abiding in Christian cultureThe commitment to Christian culture at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) remains steadfast, deepening in purpose and relevance to the mission and ministry started 60 years ago. How does this happen? We stand on the solid foundation laid by the founders and early leaders of PHS to build a faith-based organization on values that still undergird and shape the organization and its people.

The current leaders of PHS, who focus on mission and consistent growth, do so through the lens of faith, ministry and service to God. They model servant leadership and encourage staff to serve with love, compassion and respect. Chaplains engage residents and staff to share ideas that enrich Christian culture. They also meet quarterly as members of the PHS Chaplains’ Functional Work Group to identify spiritual care needs and spiritual growth opportunities they can bring to their PHS communities.

We are part of this culture that aspires to abide in the heart of Jesus Christ who loved us first and charged us to love one another. How do we show love to each other as neighbors, friends, staff and residents? Here are some ways that staff and residents try to practice loving one another and building and enriching our relationships so as to demonstrate the love of God.

  • We greet each other by name and with a smile, inviting others to join us for meals, coffee breaks and events.
  • We look for ways to serve each other with simple acts such as refilling someone’s coffee cup. 
  • We seek to show respect for each other by being polite and simply saying please and thank you.
  • We aim to honor others; to be positive and respectful and recognize that we are not all the same. 
  • We encourage and pray for those around us, offering authentic words of comfort.
  • We aspire to be kind and compassionate; dedicating time to visit and listen. 

By giving and receiving love within relationships that weave us together, we strengthen the fiber of Christian culture, which is the hallmark of PHS.

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