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Volunteers: offering gifts of time and talent

Volunteers who serve Presbyterian Homes & Services help build a better world for older adults, one act of kindness at a time. Over 4,100 residents and friends have contributed 137,000 hours as volunteers across PHS communities in the past year. They are the heart and soul of PHS, strengthening our Christian ministry through their stewardship of time and talent offered in gifts of compassion, dedication and love. They know the spiritual truth that freely giving of oneself in service to another blesses the giver and the recipient. 

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month

Presbyterian Homes & Services would like to say thank you to all who lend their time, talent and support, whether it be for one afternoon or year-round. PHS volunteers offer companionship to residents, kindness to families, and support to staff. They organize events, answer telephones, greet newcomers, play music, make public presentations, and create art. They are teachers, drivers, advocates, mentors, writers, cooks, carpenters, gardeners, fundraisers, board members and - perhaps most important of all – they have become our friends.

Let us introduce you to two exemplary volunteers:

Carol Schneeweis: SummerWood of Plymouth, MNCarol, Marion and family

During the six years that her mother, Marion Morris, lived at SummerWood of Plymouth, the community started feeling like “home” to Carol too. In September 2012, after she retired, Carol became a volunteer.  She serves twice a week in The Arbor, helping memory care residents participate in activities and escorting them on walks around the building. For her, the privilege of spending time with older adults is a dream that has come full circle. While earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in mental health, Carol had planned to focus her career with older adults, but opportunities took her in a different direction. “I’m here at SummerWood now, and I love it,” she says.

Fran Ellis: Lake Minnetonka Shores, Spring Park, MN
Fran Ellis
Fran Ellis gives her time and talent as a resident volunteer in the Lake Minnetonka Shores’ library. Fran was recognized as Volunteer of the Month in April 2017 because of her welcoming nature and her diligence, making sure the library is kept neat and organized. She volunteers daily by checking-in books and re-shelving them. She aims to ensure anyone visiting the library will feel it is a peaceful and tidy place to be. She is known to be a team player as a member of the Library Committee and is respected for her knowledge and dedication. Fran is gracious in helping others, always with a smile.


Enriching lives through volunteerism

Our mission, “to honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults,” is made possible in part by the support of such volunteers. If you would like to offer your special gifts of time and talent, contact your site leader or go to and click on Get to Know Us - Volunteers to learn about volunteer opportunities. 

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