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After a hospital stay: planning ahead for a safe transition home

Safe transitionsScheduling a hospital stay for surgery or treatment? What about contingencies for an unexpected hospitalization? Finding the right care for your health or that of a loved one after being discharged from the hospital is an important decision. Planning ahead, knowing your choices and choosing the right care services for your needs between hospital and home can support a good recovery. At such a time, transitional/short-term care, offered by Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS), is a good choice.

Transitional/short-term skilled nursing care provides a brief stay in a comfortable setting for those who need rehabilitation therapy or skilled medical care after surgery or illness. Your plan of care will incorporate clinical research and relevant knowledge of the effects of aging on the body, with specific information about you – your needs, your goals – to enable safe and effective treatment and recovery. Physical, occupational and speech therapies, in combination with medical care can support your recovery and get you back as quickly as possible to the lifestyle you enjoy most. Comprehensive care services, personalized for your recovery, may include clinical monitoring, pain management, surgical recovery, wound care and medication management and more.

Throughout your stay you can enjoy delicious meals and snacks prepared by the culinary staff and take advantage of social, recreational, wellness and spiritual programs. The housekeeping staff will take care of your laundry, change linens and maintain your suite so that you can simply relax and recover with all the comforts of home.

Six PHS transitional care locations in Minnesota and one location in Iowa offer private or shared suites with access to the unique amenities offered at each location. Visit our Transitional Care page to learn more.

We encourage you to learn about the transitional care services offered through PHS now so that you may plan in advance and consider calling on us to serve you in the future. Ask your physician or nurse practitioner to note in your health record your preference for these services offered as part of the PHS continuum of care.

Remember, even if you subscribe to a health plan, the choice of post-hospital care providers is yours to make. We hope you will choose PHS.

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