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Resident Ambassadors

Choosing to move to a senior living community is a big decision.

As an older adult or family member, you may have countless questions going through your mind. You’ve heard about PHS, maybe even visited our website or read a brochure, but how can you know and trust what life is really like in one of our 43 communities?

You’ll know when you hear it from the residents and families.

PHS actively promotes its communities and services through community events, marketing materials, staff contact, media sources and more. Yet we understand that the most trustworthy messages are delivered by residents and family members who share their own experience about how they navigated the big move, adjusted to a new way of life and are now finding the freedom to live well.

Some PHS communities have formal resident outreach programs with orientation and planned involvement to welcome prospects. Other communities rely on a more informal approach – one person sharing with another. Either way, you can count on these “ambassadors” to share their unique perspectives and genuine experiences about living at a PHS community.

Here are some simple ways you can turn to a PHS ambassador:

  • Resident ambassadorsJoin a friend who lives at a PHS community for a restaurant-style dinner or for a community event. 
  • Ask your friend to see the wellness center, pool, theater, club room, workshop and other amenities that are available at their community. 
  • Have your friend introduce you to the community’s housing counselor who can follow up and answer your questions, even schedule a full tour. 
  • If you’re not acquainted with a PHS resident, contact the housing counselor and ask to be introduced to a resident who can answer questions and share personal experiences about living at their community. 

Hearing about how they went through the process and seeing how they’ve made the transition can be vital information as you weigh a big decision that means a big change in your life. The added bonus is that by choosing to move to a PHS community, your friends, old and new, become your neighbors!

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