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PHS employee performs with Reba McEntire in nationally televised event

“Looking around the audience I saw everyone in deep praise and thought, God is SO good,” said Trish Neuman, Executive Assistant at Senior Housing Partners. She was struck by this inspiration as she stood on stage singing at the 2017 Dove Awards in Nashville, TN. Side-by-side, she sang with over 100 vocalists accompanying country music star Reba McEntire as they performed the gospel classic “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” The performance was the finale of the show, leaving the audience applauding for more.

The Dove Awards can be described as the “Grammys” of Christian music. The 2017 Dove Awards aired on Sunday, October 22 on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

As a member of the choir, True North Presents, Trish joins talented vocalists who perform faith-based music in concert halls around the world. The choir rehearsed their piece on Monday and the show was recorded on Tuesday for a total of 12 hours of filming!

“I am so grateful to be able to use my gift of singing, my soul’s passion and expression,” Trish said. Perhaps what she is most excited about is that the message of the music will reach over 2 million viewers, “God uses all those moments to touch hearts, ministering to people at each moment in their time of need,” she said. 

Trish first performed with True North Presents accompanying Christian rock band, Casting Crowns in 2015 at New York’s renowned Carnegie Hall. The choir sang 17 songs after intense rehearsals. Trish knows she is called to serve God through the gift of song and that each performance has a part in God’s plan.

A desire for meaningful work is what drew Trish to Presbyterian Homes. Before coming to PHS, she worked as a youth minister, answering the call to be a positive Christian influence in the lives of teenagers. After that, she served at Be the Match, a nonprofit marrow donor program. She knows that whether singing in front of a national audience or ministering to older adults, she is called to serve God.

“It gives you a different perspective after you’ve had an experience like [The Dove Awards],” Trish reflects. “I appreciate the blessings I’ve had in life. I had a special opportunity for God to equip me through this experience to let my light shine and now make a difference at Presbyterian Homes and in my community.”

Trish will be back with True North Presents to perform again at Carnegie Hall sometime next year. 

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