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A resident volunteer shines among us

As we continue our series in honor of National Volunteer Month, we introduce you to Marilyn Ingman, a very special volunteer who lives and serves at Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington, MN. She leads by example—not only encouraging the people she helps, but motivating others to serve as well. It was a big moment for us all when she received statewide recognition this year for her dedicated service. 

Marilyn, slow down and take a bow!
If you live at or visit Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington, you may brush elbows with Marilyn as she goes about her day volunteering to do small things that make a big difference in the lives of other residents. While she fulfills numerous tasks, what she really does is deliver smiles to the residents, staff and visitors on campus. 

“Marilyn’s first thought is always what little ways she can help to improving our residents’ quality of life,” said Samantha Sleeman, Volunteer Director at Presbyterian Homes of Bloomington. “Sometimes the littlest things in her mind are huge for the other residents,” she said.  

On any given day Marilyn is volunteering in the general store, delivering mail, visiting the sick, arranging beautiful flowers throughout campus, and planning group activities for other residents. These are just a few of the many ways she gives of her time and talent

Marilyn said, “I only wish more [people] would realize how rewarding it is to be of help to others wherever and whenever,”

Marilyn was named as one of the 2018 Volunteers of the Year by LeadingAge MN, a statewide association of senior living organizations. The Volunteer of the Year Award honors individuals in older adult services whose commitment and dedication enhance the quality of live for seniors and their communities. Marilyn stood alongside five other senior living residents from around the state as they were recognized for their dedicated service. 

Congratulations to Marilyn on receiving a well-deserved award. All we can say, and we can’t say it enough, is thank you. 

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