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Serve others, whatever it takes

A resident peers out at the snowServe others, whatever it takes
When an unprecedented April snowstorm drops 20 inches of snow - making travel dangerous if not impossible - schools and businesses may shut down but Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) communities remain open. Through the storm, PHS employees demonstrated their boundless love for the residents they serve. 

Not everyone gets a snow day
Emails and calls came flooding in from all across our communities, sharing the heroic efforts of PHS employees to ensure the safety and care of the residents. Each story emboldens our mission and elevates the PHS value statement, “serve others, whatever it takes,” to a new level. 

Walking to work
Residents and staff watched in disbelief as the record breaking snowstorm whipped through, covering cars and roads in an icy blanket. Inside, phones rang continuously with reports of employees on their way to work who slid into ditches or were plowed in. Caught in a thick layer of snow on their commute, two steadfast employees braved the whipping winds and actually walked to work. The frigid hike took them over an hour. Despite the weather conditions outside, they arrived undeterred, ready to step in to help wherever needed.

Guest in the homes of those we serve
Many employees served well beyond their regularly scheduled shifts to cover for those who were unable to come to work. Others stayed overnight in the onsite guest suites to rest awhile before returning to work. Their dedication to ensure there would be no disruption to service truly redefines what it means to be “guests in the homes of the people we serve.”  

Shuttle to safety
PHS care teams banded together, jumping into service regardless of their job descriptions. Some employees even went so far as to pick up stranded colleagues to bring them to safety. Others put on snow boots and gloves and dug visitors’ cars out of the parking lots. Housekeeping, culinary, maintenance, management and direct care employees worked together with one goal in mind: serve others, whatever it takes.

We are inspired and humbled by those who shoveled, cooked, comforted, passed medications, prayed, laughed and extended a helping hand in many other ways. Thank you to every person who responded to this emergency situation with strength and compassion, faithfully reflecting the love of God in the midst of a snowstorm.

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