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Sisters of Peace

Last fall, when Carondelet Village employees Anne O'Connor and Krista Okins attended the History Theatre’s play called “Sisters of Peace”, they knew they had to devise a plan for the sisters (two of them now residents of Carondelet Village in St. Paul, MN) and other residents to see it. “Sisters of Peace” tells the story of four sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and real-life sisters, Rita, Kate, Brigid, and Jane McDonald, who dedicated their lives to social justice. 

Anne and Krista reserved a beautiful theater at the nearby University of St. Catherine and made arrangements with the play’s director for an exclusive performance. On the day of the play, the Carondelet team rolled out the red carpet and gave residents a VIP experience as cameras flashed and residents struck their best movie star poses. 

Watch the video to see how this Liberty Dream came true for residents of Carondelet Village.

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