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Sharing what's important

Alice and KristieQuality in Living Specialist Kristie Eid says she has the best job. She has been given the “gift of time” and uses this gift to get to know the people she serves at Boutwells Landing, located in Oak Park Heights, MN as a part of the ResoLute grant program. ResoLute stands for “Resident Empowered Solutions on Living Until the End.” The program strives to support residents and loved ones as they embrace the process of aging with purpose, determination, and an unwavering commitment to uphold what matters most in the late stages of life.
As a part of the program, Kristie, a social worker by trade, visits with residents, chatting about what matters most to them, building relationships, and most importantly, building trust. “It’s more than just stopping by to say ‘hello’ I have the opportunity to truly get to know them” said Kristie.
It was through the ResoLute program that she came to know Alice Dolby, who lives in the care center at Boutwells Landing. During one of their visits, Alice said, “I’ve lived here for 9 and a half years and always wanted to send a postcard photo of Boutwells to my friends who aren’t able to visit. I am proud of where I live!” In that moment, Kristie says it was clear how important this was to her and she knew she could make it happen.
Together, she and Alice designed the postcard with photos of Boutwells Landing. Alice gave her final nod of approval and the postcards were off to the printer.  When Alice saw the first postcard, her eyes welled in tears as she said, “This is a dream come true.” She has since enthusiastically written and sent cards to her long-distance friends and family and thoroughly enjoys the letters she receives in return. Alice shares that she is happy living at Boutwells Landing and is thrilled to be able to share mementos from this stage of her life with friends both near and far.
Alice’s postcards are also now available for purchase in the Boutwells Landing gift shop. Alice wanted other residents to have the same opportunity to share Boutwells Landing with those who may not be able to visit in person.
Kristie noted that a postcard may not seem like a big deal, but that is exactly the point of the ResoLute program – taking the time to listen to each individual to see what small actions might make a big difference in that person’s life.
The ResoLute program is funded by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Health. Ten PHS care centers are participating in the program in collaboration with other providers through the Empira consortium.

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