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Kind Regards: A part of your family

This month’s Kind Regards post highlights the team at GracePointe Crossing located in Cambridge, MN and their loving care for Mavis. Our mission is to honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults and we are humbled by the affirmation that these letters provide.

To the many caregivers of Mavis; resident assistants, aides, nurses, volunteers, activity director, chaplains, housekeeping, laundry, kitchen staff, receptionists, maintenance, and those we have missed,

Bless you for the little things you do in thoughtful ways. Bless you for the way you've brightened up so many days. Bless you for your giving heart, as kind as it can be. Bless you in a thousand ways for truly blessing me.

We want to thank all of the dedicated, fun-loving, sometimes sassy, wonderful people that took care, visited, and touched the heart of Grandma Mavis in ways that we couldn't. (Because we weren’t there with her all the time; you were!) Many of you have been with her for visits, activities, or cares, maybe only a couple of minutes, half an hour or up to eight hours a day, several days a week, month or year!

She got to know many of you at first as she walked the halls, then by taking part in Bingo and playing cards, but mostly during her cares. She had fun giving some of you a hard time and got a kick out of it when you gave it right back! She always had her favorites, you know who you are. Grandma Mavis was a pretty special lady. Throughout her time at GracePointe Crossing your, "Hi Mavis!" smiles, conversations and loving care, especially after she couldn't get around on her own, are what made her not just a resident, but a part of your family.

We want you all to know how much we appreciate the love and care you gave to our Grandma Mavis.

With heartfelt thanks,

The loved ones of Mavis

Kind Regards
is a regular feature that shares the letters, hand written cards and emails we receive from those we serve. Beyond expressing appreciation, these letters remind us how important and needed our ministry is and inspire us to offer our best.

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