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Small acts of kindness bring smiles and sunshine

October is National Physical Therapy month and we extend our gratitude to our many physical therapists who dedicate their work to reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability in the older adults we serve.
Guest writer: Kristin Skjolsvik, Rehab Supervisor at Interlude Restorative Suites: Fridley
Therapists enjoying the outdoors with Interlude GuestGuest writer Kristin Skjolsvik shares a story reminding us of the importance of working together as a team to bring joy to those we serve through big and small acts of kindness.
Kristin writes:
Each day I bear witness to staff members living out our PHS Mission and creating exceptional customer experiences. As our guests are cared for during times of discomfort, uncertainty and apprehension we get to know them on a personal level. Our guests confide in us and share their hopes, fears and dreams. 
Theresa, one of our guests, has been battling complex medical conditions resulting in numerous setbacks in therapy. In spite of the setbacks, she is determined to return home and has a very positive attitude.
Theresa shared with occupational therapist Bonnie Foster that she missed enjoying the beautiful, sunny and warm weather we were having. Bonnie relayed the message to her fellow therapy assistants Theresa Boyd and Bridget Tate. Together they decided to do something to brighten Theresa’s day and invited her to a picnic luncheon.
The nursing staff made sure she was ready at the therapists’ lunch hour and the culinary team timed the meal perfectly! Despite the cooler, cloudy day, there was warmth in their hearts and Theresa’s smile radiated sunshine. She then joined the therapy team for daily StandUP and the therapists asked her if they could lift her up in prayer, which she accepted.
In the weeks following this profound experience, our guest has made many improvements in mobility! I am so honored and blessed to work with individuals who take time out of their day to make each day more meaningful. Kudos to Bonnie, Bridget and Theresa for being shining examples of creating smiles in the eyes of the people we serve! These small acts of kindness, outside of our rehabilitation roles, enrich the lives of those we serve and also fill our hearts with joy!

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