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Kind Regards: Loving kindness and professional care

Kind RegardsThis month we share a beautifully written letter that was received by Avalon Square, a PHS community in Waukesha, WI.  We’re grateful to Mary and Marvin and their family for the privilege they gave us to honor God and touch their hearts. 

To the employees of Avalon Square:

Our family would like to say thank you for all the loving kindness and professional care that you provided Mary and Marvin over the past five years. Our parents were blessed to have caregivers that had both knowledge and skill, and - more importantly - the passion and love that were God-sent.

We know daily challenges are sometimes stressful and emotional. God called both Mary and Marvin home at age 93. They both knew God was calling them and one of their favorite bible verses was in Philippians 3:14 where Paul writes, "I press on to reach and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Jesus Christ is calling us."

Mom and Dad knew they were in a great place to live out their last years here on earth. Quick to understand they needed assistance but extremely independent all of their lives. That push/pull was a difficult transition for them but they made it work. God's love will endure forever. 

Again, we wish to extend our appreciation for the loving kindness that you provided to Mary and Marvin. We have always thanked God that our parents found Avalon Square. You are truly special people. 

God bless you all, 
Floyd and Anne

Kind Regards is a regular feature that shares the letters, hand written cards and emails we receive from those we serve. Beyond expressing appreciation, these letters remind us how important and needed our ministry is and inspire us to offer our best.

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