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iHELP MarketSquare delivers to Central Towers

Market Square
Every Thursday, the dining room at Central Towers, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, transforms into a market square where residents can shop for fresh groceries, free of charge, from the comfort of their own homes!

Last summer, Sarah Hoffman, an intern from Central Presbyterian Church (right across the street from Central Towers) learned that residents had a great need for access to affordable groceries. The majority of Central Towers residents are low income and due to the location in the heart of downtown St. Paul and the difficulty of transportation and mobility, most did not have easy access to fresh and affordable groceries. Instead of fresh, whole food retailers there are many “mini marts” that sell mostly processed foods nearby.

Enter iHELP MarketSquare. Created by Pastor Tyrone Maxwell and members of the City of Reconciliation Church, iHELP MarketSquare was created to be a blessing to those in the community by distributing free groceries to those in need. The brick and mortar iHELP MarketSquare building is located on Dale Street, just a few miles from Central Towers but with the help of volunteers and a generous donation from Central Presbyterian Church to purchase a cargo van, the MarketSquare has now gone mobile and delivers groceries to Central Towers residents. We are blessed by many communities and volunteers who are enriching lives in big and small ways.

Watch the video for a glimpse into the iHELP Market Square at Central Towers.

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