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Victoria Hadley of Highland Ridge receives Bound for Glory award

Victoria “Vic” Hadley, Life Enrichment Director at Highland Ridge in Williamsburg, Iowa loves her job. Planning engaging activities, fulfilling a resident’s hopes and dreams, and creating smiles is all in a days work for this rock star employee.
“Vic, or Victorious as some adoringly call her, has a real talent for bringing smiles to the eyes of the people we serve,” said Brian Phillips, Campus Administrator at Highland Ridge.
Phillips recently nominated Vic for the Bound for Glory award. The traveling award allows managers and peers to recognize the important work of life enrichment staff and volunteer coordinators as they create opportunities for fun and purpose for those they serve.
Read more about the award in our earlier blog post “Bound for Glory – All aboard to celebrate life enrichment.”
Vic consistently goes above and beyond: planning the annual Senior Prom with Highland Ridge residents and students from Williamsburg High School, taking residents on Christmas light tours in the evening hours and escorting residents to family weddings in the community bus over the weekend, planning fishing excursions, making Liberty Dreams come true, and so much more.
Phillips added, “Vic lives our PHS values every day and honors God by enriching the lives of older adults at Highland Ridge.“
Listen to Vic as she shares why she has the best job.


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