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Supporting Faith Community Nursing

Central Towers residents and Faith Community NursesPresbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) recently became a sponsor of Faith Community Nurse Network of the Greater Twin Cities (FCNN). FCNN consists of over 500 volunteer nurses who receive training in the intentional care of the spirit. FCNN has connections with hundreds of faith-based communities and most of their volunteerism is with older adults in the Twin Cities, including PHS communities.

Aligning with PHS Values
The mission of the FCNN is “to champion faith community nursing through education, program and professional development, networking, advocacy, and research.”
Cheryl Lanigan and Carolyn Orttel, two Faith Community Nurses, recently visited our Central Towers community where they offered a seven week fall prevention workshop entitled “Stepping On.” Residents who completed the program learned strength and balance exercises and enjoyed interacting with volunteer professionals including: physical therapists, pharmacists, vision, and safety experts.

The Faith Community Nurses led the workshop, volunteering their time and experience in nursing to share ways to improve stability, strength, balance and awareness of other fall prevention techniques.Strengthening exercises and tips for navigating the icy sidewalks in the wintertime were among the topics for discussion, and action, during the education session. Residents listened attentively and got their questions answered by a volunteer physical therapist and the Faith Community Nurses.

Collaborating to improve
This is just the beginning of our collaboration with FCNN as we continue to enhance our own care delivery to individuals who might otherwise not have access to high quality programming. Several PHS leaders will complete the certification to facilitate “Stepping On” fall prevention workshops to more older adults and provide more opportunities to live well.

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