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Bound for Glory x 2

Donna Olsen and Sue Wagener accept award from Victoria HadleyThe Bound for Glory award at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) allows managers and peers to recognize the important work of volunteer and life enrichment professionals in enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults. PHS employs 150 professionals dedicated to life enrichment, recreation and volunteerism, with varying roles depending on the size and needs of each community. These individuals get to know residents on a personal level and come up with ideas, both large and small, to meaningfully engage each person in having fun, learning, and connecting with others.

And the winner is…
Part of the beauty of the Bound for Glory award is that it is awarded by peers. The previous winner of the award, Victoria Hadley was charged with selecting the new winner. But when two members of the Lake Minnetonka Shores team, Donna Olsen, Life Enrichment Director, and Sue Wagener, Volunteer Director, unknowingly nominated each other, she simply couldn’t pick just one! So this time the award goes to both Donna and Sue as dual recipients.  

Sue WagenerBoat rides, boutiques and fish fries
Sue Wagener has served as a Volunteer Director at Lake Minnetonka Shores for nine years. In that time she has managed hundreds of volunteers and matched them with meaningful experiences.

Nominating Sue for the award, Donna wrote:

“Sue has a passion for Service Excellence and gives 110% to any project she is involved in. She inspires volunteers to live their life with purpose and meaning, finding opportunities for each of the 200 Volunteers. Sue works extremely hard to make sure her volunteers feel special and part of the community. She oversees the volunteer pontoon boat drivers and arranges fishing trips for residents to enjoy all summer long.  At the end of the Season, Sue along with her husband Ron, plan a fish fry for residents and volunteers who caught fish throughout the summer. Sue makes homemade side dishes that are enjoyed along with the fish fry. This is something that residents and volunteers look forward to all year long.  Sue also organizes a Christmas Boutique on campus. She does an amazing job planning, coordinating and working on the details that make the event so special and successful.  A portion of the money raised from the boutique goes to buy Christmas presents for residents who do not have family nearby. The other portion is donated to a local charity. There is literally nothing that Sue can’t do!”

Donna OlsenBus rides and birthday parties
As a Life Enrichment Director, Donna Olsen’s days are never exactly the same. Whether she’s driving the PHS bus to Orchestra Hall or dressing up for a performance, Donna does it all.

Nominating Donna for the award, Sue wrote:

“Donna lives her life personally and professionally by helping others in need.  There is not a request too small or too big for Donna to take on.  She emulates the Mission of Presbyterian Homes with her servant heart, often putting the needs of others before her own.  Donna is the first to raise her hand when there is a Liberty Dream to fulfill. She drove a resident on a Friday night after work, so the resident could enjoy celebrating her 100th Birthday in a restaurant with close family and friends. Donna volunteered her time on a Saturday morning to drive residents to a resident’s birthday party off campus. Residents were over the moon that they were able to attend this party and it is all because of Donna’s big heart. She has a gift of inspiring others around her to be the best that they can be. If someone is down, Donna is the first one there to offer a lending hand or a word of prayer. Donna’s strong faith is witnessed daily by all who know her.  Because of Donna, residents and staff of Lake Minnetonka Shores are blessed!”

We extend our gratitude to both Donna and Sue, as they continue to inspire others through their passion and service to older adults on a train that’s “Bound for Glory.”

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