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A sign in the airport

In celebration of National Nursing Assistants Week, we extend our gratitude to over 2,600 resident assistants and home health aides who provide compassionate, personalized service around the clock at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS).

Many PHS employees have touching stories behind why they choose to serve in our ministry. Today we share Casey Herzog’s “My Why” story. Casey serves as a Resident Assistant in the care center at Lake Minnetonka Shores, located in Spring Park, MN. She is passionate about what she does because she was directed to the service of older adults at PHS by a chance encounter at the Minneapolis airport.

Casey HerzogCasey shares:

“I was on a trip to Florida the week before my interview at PHS. I remember feeling overwhelmed with the decision of where I would work and what I would do with my certified nursing assistant license. While on vacation, I prayed and asked for guidance and discernment. I had [already received] other job offers at the nearby hospital and two other nursing homes.

“On the flight home, I thought about how the work of a resident assistant is incredibly hard and I wasn’t sure if it was what I really wanted. I did a lot of praying and asked God to make it clear to me where he was calling me.

“We landed in Minneapolis and I went to the restroom. As soon as I entered, I could hear a quiet voice asking for help. I looked around and was able to find the voice’s owner. It was an elderly woman in one of the stalls; she seemed confused and unsure of where she was or what she was doing.

“I asked if I could help and got her cleaned up before escorting her out of the bathroom where she walked towards a gentleman, presumably her spouse, and they walked out together.

“I cried then— in the middle of the Minneapolis airport. I was so overwhelmed because I was sure this was a message from God as a sign that I was called to work with older adults.

“The next day I went to my interview at Lake Minnetonka Shores and was offered the job. I felt in my heart that PHS was where I was meant to be. I’ve been with PHS for a year now and I keep coming back because I know that what I’m doing is important work; I feel like it is God’s mission for me.

“I will never forget that woman in the bathroom who needed my help and I think about her whenever work becomes overwhelming. She may never know the role she played in guiding me along God’s path.”

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