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Kind Regards: Friends of all ages

We share a letter received by our President and CEO Dan Lindh that testifies to the value of many individual care givers and staff members at SummerWood of Plymouth; the value of making "friends of all ages."

The family writes:

Dear Mr. Lindh,

I am writing to thank and recognize the leadership, caregivers and staff at your SummerWood of Plymouth facility. For the past 11 plus years, one or both of my parents, Virgil and Mary Lou, lived at SummerWood. Though my Dad was reluctant to make the move at first, he quickly settled in and enjoyed it.

After a long, happy and productive life of 88 years, my Mom passed away at SummerWood. I'm writing to compliment the leadership of Sharon Millett and her entire team of caregivers and staff for the outstanding care, treatment and compassion demonstrated to my Mom. 

The last few years were especially challenging for Mom because of her advancing and late stage Parkinson's disease. My Mom was a kind, genuine and welcoming person that lived a simple and selfless life. Watching her all these years, she treated everybody the same regardless of their place in life. Until her dying day, she enjoyed friends of all ages. Those friends are a testament to the beautiful person she was.

When my Dad passed, my Mom’s physical health declined but she forged on, always remaining positive and optimistic. Being full-blood Irish, she was a people person and never met a stranger. To watch the relationships that she built and enjoyed with residents and the entire staff at SummerWood was pretty remarkable. She truly liked and cared about your employees and got to know them through the years. There are numerous employees that cared for her, I want to recognize and thank as many as possible. I'll apologize now for any employees that I may miss. Being the CEO of Presbyterian Homes, I hope that you will personally recognize these employees in a special way.

Sharon Millett is a welcoming and highly competent leader. Over the years, some of my siblings and I met with her to discuss various things and she was always friendly, receptive, empathetic and her follow up was stellar. I believe that Sharon has created a positive and enviable work culture at SummerWood. She's a genuine person and really takes great care of her employees and residents.

The caregivers at SummerWood were outstanding! Please forgive me as I don't have exact spellings or last names but here is a list of those caregivers: Loutasha (Tasha), Mesrak, Ann, Cece, Li, Kelly, Monyou, Lydia, Aspen, Geoffrey, Selma, Laura, Natalie Loher, Jeannie Greene and Gretchen, Pastors Jane and Julie, Cheryl, Molly, Sharon, Judy, Jenny, Trina, Lisa, Chad, kitchen staff, and Mary the beautician. In addition, the doctors, nurses, including Optage hospice nurse Brian and music therapist Jim, all were fantastic with my Mom.

Though Mom had relationships with all of the people I mentioned, some of those relationships were truly special. To explain those relationships would take so much time but she had them with Loutasha (Tasha), Mesrick, Ann, Cece, Li, Kelly, Manyu, Natalie, Jeannie and Gretchen.

Each of these employees are outstanding in their roles and in my eyes, they are angels on earth. 

My Mom loved and valued every one of them.

My siblings and I are forever grateful for them. The competence, care, compassion and companionship they delivered and shared with my Mom will always be remembered by my five siblings and me.  Everybody I mentioned truly deserves special recognition. Great employees are the bedrock of any successful organization and SummerWood would not be the home that it is without them. You are beyond fortunate to have them as employees because they are that good!


Kind Regards
Kind Regards
is a regular feature that shares the letters, hand written cards and emails we receive from those we serve. Beyond expressing appreciation, these letters remind us how important and needed our ministry is and inspire us to offer our best.

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