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Sharing our “Why” – Interlude Restorative Suites of Fridley

As you walk into the Rehabilitation Therapy area at Interlude Restorative Suites in Fridley, you’ll notice several glinting golden cards. Each one holds the personal testimonial from an Interlude team member about why they choose to serve others. You stop to read the cards but then see the smiling faces of the therapists and other staff members. How much better it is to have them tell you in person.

As you walk up to Theresa Boyd at a work station, you learn that she is a Physical Therapist Assistant precisely because her grandma inspired her to be. She tells you, “My Grandma is my best friend.  ‘My Why’ is to strengthen older adults so they can get on the floor to play with their grandbabies, be a best friend, and teach our youth valuable life lessons, like my Grandma!” As Theresa is talking about her grandma, you can see her eyes light up and a grin growing on her face; her compassion is contagious. 

Just then you overhear Physical Therapist Meagan Reed, gently encouraging an Interlude guest as he uses the parallel bars. Meagan says, “You can do this! You are doing so much better than you think you are,” and he pushes himself to take his first steps! It’s hard to tell who is more excited.  Meagan notices that you’re observing and says, “I have dreamt about helping people learn to walk again since I was young. I've come to realize that the value of regaining mobility reaches beyond simply arriving at a destination into rediscovering independence and reengaging in forgotten pastimes. I'm inspired by the persistence and drive of people like him as they pursue freedom of mobility!” The pair exchanges a high five and they continue his therapy session. 

Nearby is Occupational Therapist Emily Tiedt. She is encouraging another guest tore-learn how to do activities of daily living after recovering from a stroke. Emily tells her, “It brings me such joy to help you and others enjoy their lives to the fullest and help them relearn the skills to live as independently as possible. I am grateful to be in a profession and part of a team that puts your needs before mine and empowers you and others to succeed in all aspects of life.”

Across the room is Physical Therapist Abbey Linville, going through therapeutic exercises with a guest. You can see beads of sweat on the guest’s face as he pushes to do his very best on the NuStep® cross training machine. Abbey beams and says, “I’m inspired by people like him, who put in the work to overcome obstacles - the resulting glory and pride is so fulfilling. I hope to be a reason that someone doesn’t give up!” With that, she congratulates him for setting a new personal record and he eagerly asks her, “What’s next?” Equally as excited, she replies, “We’re headed to the therapy pool!”

You head out and find yourself smiling as you think about the compassionate and dedicated people serving others and accompanying them along the road to recovery; inspiring each person to live well.

Watch this short video to see the entire Interlude Therapy Team and read their “My Why” cards.


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