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106 years blessed and counting

Portrait of Mildred LivingstonThe honor of being “the oldest resident at PHS” goes to Mildred Livingston who has 106 years of life experience. Mildred lives at The Deerfield in New Richmond, Wisconsin. We recently sat down with her as she shared her highest values: doing what needs to be done, family and recognizing God’s blessings.

When asked to share her secret to a long life, Mildred rebutted, “I don’t have a secret. I’m sure it’s just a combination of living day by day and God’s blessings in my life.” With the hint of a southern accent, Mildred spoke about growing up in Oklahoma during The Great Depression. She quickly learned how to be creative and stretch their money as far as she could.  Among her better efforts; she always kept a garden to grow food for the family.

Along with her husband who was a minister, she raised three children; perfecting her cooking, knitting, crocheting and sewing skills. She said humbly, “I always liked working with my hands and there was always work to do!” Later in life she became a library cataloguer at a school for the blind where she learned to write brail on a typewriter. When asked if her work was her passion, Mildred admitted, “I didn’t stop to think whether I was happy or not, I just did it.”

As a pastor’s spouse, Mildred found an unintentional vocation—counseling the women of the parish. Mildred remembers, “I think they just felt more comfortable with me. I enjoyed working with them, it was a new gift I didn’t know I had until I married a pastor.”

Mildred’s eyes were smiling, and her face beamed as she said, “God has blessed me. He gave me a good husband and children who led productive lives and raised good families.” At 106, Mildred finds purpose in knitting prayer shawls, attending chapel services at the Deerfield and is a firm believer in handwritten letters to loved ones. 

We are blessed by Mildred and the wisdom and grace she shares with us each day. We invite you to share in the blessings by visiting the Deerfield Facebook Page to leave a greeting for Mildred, the oldest PHS resident. We’ll make sure she sees it!

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