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“Put on Christ’s love”

Photo of Carrie LarsonWhen asked to reflect on her “why” Beacon Hill Clinical Administrator Carrie Larson remembers the endearing ‘To-Do List’ of a past Beacon Hill resident named Dorey.
Carrie writes:
“When I first started working at Beacon Hill, I quickly realized that I had a favorite resident. Her name was Dorey. Yes, I do know that you are not supposed to have a favorite, but Dorey’s personality really drew me in.
She always had a smile on her face and wanted all the staff and other residents to come visit with her.

Due to her cognitive impairments, she wrote everything down and kept all kinds of spiral notebooks in her room. Each time I would talk to her, she would introduce herself and tell me how nice it was to meet me. I had the honor of meeting Dorey many times. Each time I met her, she would write my name in her book.
When I was a nurse, I visited her regularly for medication management and administration. One day I noticed that she had a "To Do list" posted on her refrigerator.

Here is what it said:
To-Do List: write everyone, buy appropriate stationery, put on Christ's love before I get out of bed
What a wonderful list it was! I love that even though her memory was fading, kind-hearted Dorey still thought to write a reminder to be Christ-like. We can all benefit from little reminders like that.
My motto and ‘My Why’ in life is to have passion for Christ and compassion for people; to ‘put on Christ’s love before I get out of bed,’ just like Dorey.”

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