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Leading with integrity, serving with grace

Jenny Weise stands by the repaired light poleJenny Weise joined Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) just over a year ago and she is on fire for our ministry. First hired as a Resident Services Director, Jenny was later promoted to Campus Administrator at Dickson Hollow, located in Menomonee Falls, WI.

There’s something about PHS…

Jenny worked in other nonprofit, Christian settings but she says there’s something special about PHS. “From the daily StandUP meetings that include prayer to the strong integrity and ethical practices, Presbyterian Homes is different” she said. 

As she reflects on why she chooses to serve in our ministry to older adults, Jenny simply points to the PHS stated values. Specifically, she highlights our first and third values: Christian Ministry and Operational Integrity. Jenny shared a story about a touching experience that truly ignited her sense of purpose.

One morning, Jenny arrived at Dickson Hollow and noticed one of the 20-foot-tall steel lamp posts was bent in half! Upon closer investigation, it appeared as though a vehicle had hit the pole and knocked it down. The team quickly sought out estimates for the repairs but wondered how it happened.

Doing the right thing

A few days later, a young man hand delivered a letter to the community in an envelope that contained $500 and a heartfelt apology. The man admitted that he accidentally hit the light pole with his truck and drove off because he was afraid he could lose his job and health insurance. He wrote that his wife was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and he recently lost his uncle to cancer. Jenny’s heart was moved by his story. She shared the letter with PHS Leadership including CFO Mark Meyer and VP of Engagement and Advocacy, Rob Lahammer, and they all decided to return the money to the man, simply because it was the right thing to do.

Acting as the face and hands of Christ

Jenny called the man and thanked him for the letter and told him she would be returning his money. “I could sense how much he was hurting” said Jenny, “This is what we do every day at Presbyterian Homes; we act as the face and hands of Christ to minister to those who are hurting.” The man began to cry and expressed how touched he was that good people and organizations still exist in the world. In a powerful moment, Jenny prayed with the man, reminding him of God’s grace and strength during our difficult times. 

A few weeks later, the man was invited back to Dickson Hollow. The team returned the money and even donated some of their own to help with the overwhelming expenses he was facing. 

As Jenny reflects on her “why,” this story stands at the center. Jenny says, “Doing the right thing, even in this one situation, has impacted so many people!  I’m so incredibly blessed to work for PHS, the Christian Ministry lived out here means everything to me.”

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