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Butterfly Kisses at Norris Square

Today we share a “My Why” reflection from the perspective of a butterfly. Stay with us, it’s a “My Why” twist based on a very sweet story from Norris Square, located in Cottage Grove, MN, and it’s sure to make your heart “flutter.”
The residents and staff at Norris Square have been watching caterpillars as they go through the process of metamorphosis to become beautiful Monarch butterflies. Recently, Norris Square Resident Services Director Pat Rixen and Receptionist Kelly Bodensteiner-Root witnessed one special butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.

They were moved to name this butterfly Penny, in honor of a resident who passed away just the weekend before.
Penny’s husband Mike was excited to hear about the butterfly named in Penny’s honor and was invited to release it later that afternoon. A small crowd watched and listened as Pat led a prayer and Mike opened Penny's enclosure.

The butterfly flew out and landed on Mike's forehead where it rested for several minutes. Was Penny sending her husband “butterfly kisses?” Everyone was moved by the experience, especially Mike who sat completely still, with gentle tears rolling down his cheeks. 

This story was the inspiration behind this butterfly poem – consider it Penny the Butterfly’s “My Why”!

The maker has given me many forms; 
And now it is clear to me,
I was made for much more.
I re-emerged into the brightest light, 
Overwhelming, but beautiful and warm.
Stretching my new wings, sensing your sadness
I flew to you; without words
To give you gifts from above:
The gifts of peace, of comfort, of love.
Though she is here no longer, 
In the way she used to be,
She wanted you to know,
She is never far from you, 
Fluttering peacefully.
Until we meet again, 
I dance through the sky,
Fulfilling my true purpose, 
As a beautiful butterfly.

Watch the story unfold in this touching video.


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