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Lester Rupp’s Legacy of Art

When you meet Lester Rupp, you quickly learn that he is an accomplished artist. In his apartment at Castle Ridge, in Eden Prairie, MN, Lester’s stunning photography lets you see wildlife and nature through his eyes.

80 years of artwork

When Life Enrichment Director Kari Johnson noticed Lester’s passion for art, she offered to host an exhibit of his work in the Castle Ridge chapel. Kari invited his family from all across Minnesota and they were thrilled to bring more of Lester’s artwork to display for the exhibit.
It was an art show 80 years in the making and a Liberty Dream come true for Lester.
The 80-year-old artist remembers embracing art as far back as Kindergarten; it has always been his creative outlet. Eight decades later and Lester has quite the art collection. He dabbles in different media from painting to photography to wood carvings; he even built a dollhouse for his niece! 

Blue ribbons and accolades

Over the years, Lester has been awarded over 20 first place prizes for his photography and artwork. As visitors and Castle Ridge staff members entered the exhibit, Lester proudly shared interesting facts about the wildlife pictured and what it took to capture those beautiful moments. Kari shared, “Lester has a remarkable connection with nature and is blessed with the incredible talent to capture and convey the marvel and beauty of nature.”
His family beamed with pride as they saw Lester light up with excitement, speaking from the heart about his art. He reminisced as he paged through scrapbooks of articles written about his work and accomplishments. “It was a delight to see his family witness this celebration of Lester as such a relevant and well-respected artist!” said Kari.

Never stop learning

Today, Lester is still learning new art forms. He recently worked with artist Larry Homan, Master Mneme Therapist, who introduced him to acrylic paint. Lester painted a beautiful waterfall landscape and Kari entered it in the Carver County Fair where, not surprisingly, Lester was awarded the blue ribbon! Lester’s passion for art and desire to continue to learn and grow inspire all of us.

Check out Lester's work!


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