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Why being nonprofit matters at Presbyterian Homes & Services

Much has changed at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) since we opened our first senior community in 1955 but one important thing has not—we remain a faith-based and mission-driven organization. Today is National Nonprofit Day and we want to share why being a nonprofit organization matters to us.  

Having a strong mission matters
Our mission, “to honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults,” lays out our purpose, forges our direction, turns our beliefs into action and upholds our deeply-held values. Our commitment to the highest standards of business practice, our strategic decisions and daily operations are all driven by our mission and biblical framework. As Jesus called his disciples to love one another, we answer that same call to demonstrate God’s love in everything that we do. We believe that the older adults we serve, their families, our employees and our communities all benefit from our faith-based, nonprofit approach.

Reinvesting revenue in mission matters
Our nonprofit status ensures that the older adults we serve always come first. Of course, to be a sustainable organization, we aim to make a positive revenue margin. However, as a nonprofit we reinvest our proceeds consistently in the organization for the benefit of our customers and employees. We are not accountable to shareholders or investors. There are no stock dividends or equity returns. To measure our success, we listen to the voices of our customers: residents, clients and their families, as well as our employees to learn if we not only are doing well, but to ensure we are also doing good. As a nonprofit, we ensure accountability and transparency by making our financial information available for public viewing.

Giving back matters
As an extension of our mission, PHS is dedicated to social accountability and the community benefit we provide. PHS engages in many endeavors to improve the quality and health of older adults within and outside our senior living communities, improve access to needed services, reach out to underserved persons and support local organizations in a variety of community-enhancing projects. We work alongside local churches, schools, senior centers and community organizations in service to older adults and their families to add value to the greater community. Such partnerships create community stewardship, foster a culture of giving and help make the regions we serve better places to live for all ages. 

Volunteer leadership matters
PHS is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteer leaders elected by the board from among the greater community. The PHS board articulates its purpose, “…to be a steward in ensuring that the mission of PHS is achieved. Governance is about creating the future, about building what can be out of what is, about creating a dynamic community by linking the organization to an even wider and more involved community of stakeholders. The Board will govern with a sense of ownership by the various stakeholders that are a part of PHS.” 

Each Director brings a commitment to the PHS mission coupled with organizational experiences and knowledge that guide our strategic direction and growth. Other than the corporate officers who also serve as PHS senior staff, the directors receive no remuneration or dividend for offering their time and talent. What they do receive is the fulfillment and satisfaction of serving older adults and the deep appreciation of PHS. 

The nonprofit difference matters
Both nonprofit and for-profit senior living organizations can provide lovely residences, enriching programs, a variety of amenities and health care services. However, there are significant differences in business motivation, accountability and leadership. Whether you are searching for a senior living community or home care services for your loved one or for yourself, or you are looking for a meaningful place of employment, we encourage you to consider the differences between the priorities of nonprofit and for-profit organizations. By every measure, PHS meets the definitions and purposes of a nonprofit organization. If, like us, your first priority is the well being of an older adult, helping them maintain the best quality of life, you’ll want to consider a nonprofit senior living organization such as Presbyterian
Homes & Services.

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