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Kind Regards: Knowing mom is well cared for

This month’s Kind Regards installment features humbling words of affirmation from Fran’s family, whom we also consider to be members of our Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) family at Dickson Hollow located in Menomonee Falls, WI.
The family writes:

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Dickson Hollow for the wonderful care my mom received while she was in the Arbor. 

The staff was always polite and very welcoming when I visited.  During my mom's last few weeks, some staff would go out of their way to talk to me and try to comfort me. I observed the staff being patient and kind with my mom. During her last few weeks before her death, I was especially impressed with their care for her. Mom’s smile and laugh showed me just how comfortable Fran was with them. 

Jolene was a wonderful activities director. I was impressed with the patience she displayed with the residents. During my mom's last few days, she would take the time to check on me and give me a hug.  The day of my mom's funeral she took the time to send me a text to let me know she was thinking of my family and sent me a picture of my mom, aunt, and me at the Mother's Day Tea.

I cannot say enough about Sylvia. She was always a wonderful communicator, patient and kind person, and an outstanding nurse. She was very present in the Arbor and I was impressed watching her interactions with residents and their families. I was also impressed with how she interacted with staff. We always had a good feeling knowing my mom was being well cared for. I am sure Sylvia's job was not easy, but she did it so well; we will always be grateful to her!

Please feel free to again tell the staff thank you from us. Be assured I will highly recommend Dickson Hollow to others

Many Blessings,

Kind Regards
Kind Regards
is a regular feature that shares the letters, hand written cards and emails we receive from those we serve. Beyond expressing appreciation, these letters remind us how important and needed our ministry is and inspire us to offer our best. All letters shared with permission.

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