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A worthy ministry

Duane Larson, Senior Vice President of Operations, recently reflected on the many ways Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) inspires him to give of his time and resources. We are blessed to be a part of a ministry that enriches so many lives in a wide variety of ways.
Duane explains:

Collage of photos of Duane Larson and his father“I feel good when I give back. Volunteering, snow blowing the driveways of neighboring widows, offering prayer for people who ask for support, cutting and splitting wood for my favorite 88-year old (my dad) - all these things make me feel good.

I become passionate about certain ministries and what they do. When offering my time or resources, I consider:

Does the ministry align to my values?
Am I passionate about the ministry?
Do I believe the ministry will utilize my gifts in the fashion they say they will?
Do I speak highly of the ministry in my personal circles?
Do I want others to share their resources with the ministry?

Let me tell you about one of the ministries I give to:

I give to a ministry that offers scholarships to employees to advance their livelihood while caring for people.

I give to a ministry that provides care and service to older adults who have outlived their funds. 

I give to a ministry that hires leadership from within as a primary strategy to honor longevity. 

I give to a ministry that allows me to give my paid time off to people with significant hardships.

I give to a ministry because I am humbled by seeing other staff members who give a dollar a paycheck and it is a significant sacrifice.

I give to a ministry where I see staff giving Christmas gifts to kids of coworkers who otherwise would not receive any and staff who privately pay for utility bills of coworkers in need without anyone knowing they do it.

I give to a ministry that funds Pastor salaries to share the Gospel with older adults.

I give to a ministry that offers me an opportunity to combine my personal values with my work life.

I give to Presbyterian Homes because I am deeply passionate about all that we do for God, residents, staff and families.

I have been a proud contributor to Presbyterian Homes for more than 15 years. I donate financial support in areas like spiritual care and reflect fondly on my time as Santa at the “old” Johanna Shores when my Grandmother lived there. I donate in honor of my Grandma and Grandpa, Reverend Winfred and Ruth Danielson and I could not recommend a worthier ministry to donate your own time, energy and resources.”

The PHS Foundation

If you would like to contribute a charitable gift to directly benefit those we are called to serve, the Presbyterian Homes Foundation is here to help you. You can make a financial gift on the PHS Foundation secure giving page. You may direct your gift to the community or Optage service area of your choice. All gifts are meaningful and make a difference. 

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