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Years of wisdom and advice for a new parent

Dani seated at table with several EagleCrest residentsDani loves working with older adults. She started serving at Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) six years ago. She has since worked at 11 - campuses within the organization in roles ranging from Social Worker, Resident Services Director and Leader in Training to her current role as the Campus Administrator at EagleCrest, located in Roseville, MN.

“My grandpa was my best friend. My earliest memories of him start at 9 months old so I have grown up with a love for older adults. My heart swells when I can just give a resident a hug. I can’t explain the happy feeling they give me.” says Dani. So, you could say that she is very comfortable building relationships with the older adults she serves, but Dani is about to embark on a completely new adventure this November. She and her husband Matt are expecting their first child! 

Having no parenting experience and being a little bit uncomfortable with young kids, she turned to the experts; her friends at EagleCrest. They were thrilled to hear the big news and quickly began offering their very best parenting advice. With literally hundreds of years of parenting wisdom, Dani embraced the opportunity to hear what they had to say. 
She compiled their comments in a colorful baby themed scrapbook. “I have been scared about the whole process of becoming a mother, but their advice makes me smile. It was a joy to put together this book and see how much faith these residents have in me to be a mom!” she said.

The advice ranges from hilarious anecdotes to heart-warming encouragements and everything in between.

Here are a few of Dani’s favorites:

“Teach them "Dada" first so when they are calling in the middle of the night, they call him first.”

“When you think things can't get worse, they will. When you think things can’t get better, they will. Some nights will seem a year long and some years will go by in a minute.”

“You are wonderful - just be who you are.” 

Dani is grateful to be surrounded by such wisdom every day. “Even those with memory loss thought back and offered their parenting advice without batting an eye; although memories may fade their souls are still very much intact” she said. 

Embraced by the sage advice of her EagleCrest friends, Dani is as ready as she can be to welcome her first child this November. And now, she has a book of wisdom to page through during any potentially sleepless nights with a newborn!

Scrapbook page from Dani's bookScrapbook page from Dani's bookScrapbook page from Dani's book

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