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5 Ways We're Helping Others Stay Connected

In our continuing series, "Make Your Mark," we introduce you to employees and volunteers who embody our values and make their mark. In the past week, many have stepped up and we wish to applaud their efforts. Thank you for helping our residents stay connected while social distancing ensures their health and safety and yours. May others be inspired to take creative action and #makeyourmark!

1. We're reassuring families and friends by getting creative with a camera and signs!

2. We're helping families and friends discover the wonders of video chat!

3. We've received the love and wisdom expressed by a budding elementary school writer.

4. We're 'Singing a new song' through Facebook Live!

5. We're finding  and sharing comfort in the big, brown eyes of Gideon the Comfort Dog, just beyond the window!

In what way will you #MakeYourMark this week?


Do you know someone looking for more purpose in their work? Share the good news and the many opportunities to make a mark at

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