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Make Your Mark: Michelle Johnson, Ready Every Day No Matter What

Michelle Johnson with coworkersThis week we celebrate the mark Michelle Johnson, RN, has made on SummerWood of Chanhassen and all PHS. In the midst of challenges related to the coronavirus, her example is especially relevant, a testimony of the PHS value of Ready and Engaged People. “Every day I work with Michelle, she is always ready to help on the floor no matter what,” says Ashley Belcher, a Resident Assistant.

Ready and engaged people help create an environment of teamwork

Ashley continues, “She always treats me as an equal. Whenever I see her in the halls, she's always friendly, saying hello and asking how the residents are doing. She is always the first person to ask if I need help with anything or anyone. Every time my work phone goes off, she will ask which resident needs assistance and then tells me she'll get it, not to worry. Anytime my coworkers or I have a question about a medication, she is more than willing to answer and explain things to us without talking down to us.”

Michelle feels the same way about the support she receives from her teammates. “Here is why I love coming to work here at Presbyterian Homes,” she begins, “I enjoy coming in first thing in the morning and catching up on things with my amazing coworkers, Cindy and Sue (also RNs). They are my rock-solid coworkers here at Summerwood. We support each other to the nth degree.

“Then I enjoy going up on the floors and finding the nursing assistants, seeing their smiley faces and am touched by how hard they work!”

Ready and engaged people take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow

Michelle continues, “I, too, was a nursing assistant back in the day, starting at PHS in 2012. I know what they go through day to day.” Many, from Michelle to Brian Freeberg, have grown professionally from nursing assistant to RN with the support of PHS.

She concludes, “I always support them and have their backs. I simply could not do my job without them.”

A special thanks to Michelle and all PHS employees who remain ready and engaged, upholding PHS values every day no matter what.

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