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Worldwide Day of Prayer March 22

praying handsWe invite Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) residents and staff to join Christians of all traditions and in all nations in a Worldwide Day of Prayer on March 22.

This is a meaningful opportunity to join others virtually but collectively in praying for the state of our world and the concerns surrounding coronavirus and COVID-19. Given the virtual nature, our PHS pastors have created the prayer guide below for spending 15-30 minutes in a time of biblical meditation and prayer. 

Our theme is “Faith, not Fear,” and our theme verse is John 16:33, where Jesus tells us, “In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Why now? With the onset of this coronavirus pandemic, we all are wondering, “What can we do?” PHS says emphatically, “We can pray!”

How should we spend this time? We suggest two things:

  1. Read and meditate on Luke 18:1-8. This is Jesus’ parable about the widow and the unjust judge. It is an encouragement for us to pray and keep on praying to God about the needs in our lives. Reflect on the key teaching here: If a wicked and unjust judge will respond to a widow’s repeated pleading for mercy and justice, how much more will our loving Father respond to our heartfelt prayers in our time of need?

  2. Spend time in prayer, for all the people in the world that are being impacted by this pandemic. We will give further guidance below.

What should we pray for? Here are some ideas:

  • Pray for our government leaders. Ask the Lord of heaven and earth that they would be able to come together to make wise and common-sense decisions, to protect the vulnerable and ease the financial burden on those affected by all the shutdowns.

  • Pray for those families who will be challenged to both continue to work to provide an income, while at the same time caring for their children who will not be in school, pre-school or day care.

  • Pray for the businesses in our communities who will be drastically affected by the mandatory shutdowns that they might survive, recover and thrive once again.

  • Pray for those who are working in the health care fields, those who will have direct contact with folks who are showing symptoms of coronavirus and COVID-19.

  • Pray for all Christian congregations, leaders, and pastors, that together we might be light in the darkness to a world that still cries out in pain, hurt, confusion, and frustration.

  • Pray for all people in every nation that are suffering illness now because of this pandemic.

  • Pray that there would be wisdom and compliance to all the various government declarations and recommendations for us all as we navigate this perilous time.

  • Of course, it’s also perfectly OK to pray for ourselves, that we would experience God’s peace, His presence and His provision in our time of need.

Prayer Promise to claim: “If you remain in me, and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.” John 15:7

May God bless us all richly and profoundly as we pray on Sunday and in the days and months ahead!

More Resources:
Due to social distancing recommendations and concern for the health and safety of residents, in-person worship services are cancelled in all PHS communities until further notice. Our pastors have been working to create sacred space, virtual in setting but real in fellowship, for residents, families, clients and employees to find a variety of ways to stay connected to the word of God. Please visit the online resources and check back often. 

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