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Enriching lives, whatever it takes

EGC_Dani.pngAt communities across Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS), more than 6,500 employees work to fulfill our mission to honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults. Throughout the year and every day, we’re thankful for their unwavering dedication and compassion for the 27,000 older adults we serve.

As we celebrate Careers in Aging Week, we salute these essential workers. Despite daily news about COVID-19, they show up to work, put on their masks, and smile so big you can see it in their eyes! Although their individual roles may differ, their goal is the same: to enrich lives, whatever it takes.

We hear of teams who are doing just that – teaming together, filling in, stepping up. Dani Salisbury, EagleCrest Campus Administrator, said it best in a recent letter of gratitude written for all those who work in this ministry to serve older adults.

Dani wrote, “It has been a tiring month to say the least. Since we stopped visitors on March 11, it has been a whirlwind. I watch social media, the news, and hear conversations between many individuals regarding all that COVID has taken away. I want to express first that each person has every right to whatever emotion that they are feeling. I don’t want to mitigate anyone’s experience because each is unique and tragic in its own way. But from my own lens of the world, I witness the effects of COVID-19 on my residents. They are banned from seeing loved ones, they can’t go on fun trips or outings, and their social engagement is limited due to cancelled activities. COVID has taken so much from the older adults I have served. However, COVID cannot take away love.

“I have seen incredible loving acts from my staff. I have seen my head engineer turn into the continental breakfast queen. I have seen my maintenance man and resident services director turn into a two-man moving company. I have seen home health aides sit, pray and sing with residents who are anxious and scared. I have seen those same home health aides, despite their own fears of getting sick, show up every day. I have seen my HR rep and life enrichment assistant collect cards and drawings from strangers to give to our residents. I have seen my culinary staff and housekeepers taking out trash daily because it has tripled due to serving meals in residents’ rooms. I have seen my culinary director helping with clinical procedures after a resident has passed away. I have seen occupational therapists doing laundry and delivering meals, and physical therapists screening and delivering packages. I have seen my housing counselors act as servers when we needed a helping hand. I have seen my resident services team delivering activities to resident apartments and facilitating communications via Facetime. I have seen my pastor lead hallway activities on each floor. I have seen receptionists calm nervous family members who have a million questions regarding their loved ones. I have seen my home care services coordinator stay on top of our precious PPE. I have seen so much love.”

 “This love is why I show up every day,” Dani closes.

Along with Dani, we thank all those who have answered the call to serve older adults, especially during this challenging time of COVID-19. We are grateful for you and wish you a “Happy Careers in Aging Week”. You are our heroes.

Want to join our team and enrich lives? We have many positions available at more than 30 locations and training is provided. Visit for details and to apply.

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