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Life Enrichment is a priority at every PHS community

At Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS), our mission is to honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults. Our employees feel called to serve and are doing whatever it takes, now more than ever, to fulfill this mission, despite the challenges of COVID-19 and social distancing requirements.
Specifically, our Life Enrichment Teams exist to engage residents in fun and stimulating events and activities offering meaningful one-to-one connections. They can often be found planning community wide events and activities designed to get residents out of their apartments, moving their bodies, trying new things, and engaging with others. To say they need to be extra creative these days is a significant understatement. Good thing they are up for the challenge!
In a recent planning meeting, this very creative crew determined that each site should be provided with a “new bag of tricks” and the idea of a Life Enrichment Kit was born. The kits would contain tools that provide immediate resources for site level teams to:

  • Support resident engagement and person-centered care
  • Increase special connections with residents during additional one to one visits
  • Provide extra resources for in-room independent activities that residents enjoy
When determining what to include in the kits, a survey went out to community partners to see what tools were needed for individualized resident engagement. Teams quickly got to work and have been very busy creating kits for every PHS community. In addition to crafts, games, planting supplies, and fitness resources, each kit includes several books thanks to a local Usborne distributor and her 8 teammates who raised funds for donated books. Kits also included an updated Life Enrichment Tech Profile to help residents stay connected with family and friends via applications like Facebook thanks to the IT Department.
Kits were blessed through prayer by our home office staff, picked up, and delivered to all 48 PHS communities in MN, WI, and IA. Thank you NECHAMA Jewish Response to Disaster for delivering these kits just in time for National Skilled Nursing Care Week – a week that is traditionally packed with big events and extra opportunities to socialize. The team was so excited about the delivery of these kits, they literally did cartwheels! Photo available, but not approved.
Volunteer-pick-up-packing-truck-2.jpg Kits-staged-for-pick-up.jpg volunteer-truck-packed-2.jpg

Upon receiving her Life Enrichment Kit, Ahna Lloyd, Recreation Director at The Farmstead in Andover, MN said, “It was like Christmas morning!” Ahna said she looks forward to using all the materials with residents. She was also excited to share the ear savers with her co-workers. Ear savers hold masks in place, but provide a more comfortable fit because they don’t rest on your ears. Thank you to Cunningham Group for your donation!  
In addition to these Life Enrichment Kits, the team has also been busy curating an online resource for residents, families, employees, and others to access from a computer or mobile device. On the Virtual Life Enrichment website, users can find exercise classes, virtual tours, concerts, and many other activities. Thanks to our Campus Pastors who first had the idea to create a website with Pastoral Care resources. Enjoy both websites and check back often!
For more details about the contents of our Life Enrichment Kits, see below. There is truly something for everyone.
Hope charm bracelets kits
Paper Airplane Fold n Fly kits
Rope tying kits
Button flower kit
Origami paper flower folding kit
Window craft kits (#AWorldOfHearts sampler pack)
Hope-Charm-Bracelet-Kits.jpg Paper-Airplanes-Men-s-craft-fun-(1).jpg Knot-tying-men-s-craft-fidget.jpg Flower-Origami-Kits.jpg

Brain games
Large print word find books
Large print crossword puzzle books 
Jumbo dry erase crossword puzzle grid and puzzle guide
Laminated bingo cards
Decks of cards
Brain-games-picture-identification-books.jpg Jumbo-dry-erase-crossword-puzzles.jpg Dry-Erase-Bingo-sets.jpg  playing-cards.jpg Memory-Care-Match-Cards.jpg
Usborne Book Donations
The Great Wars
Top Speed Motorcycles
Top Speed Cars
Magic Art Painting Books
Big Book of Things to Spot
World-War-Books.jpg Fast-Cars-Books.jpg Magic-Painting-Books.jpg big-books-of-things-to-spot.jpg
Inspirational Short Stories
Chicken Soup for the Soul Book- Believe in Miracles
Chicken Soup for the Soul Book- Laughter is the Best Medicine
Picture book of Psalms
Coloring & Creativity
Adult coloring books
Fuzzy velvet coloring posters 
Rainbow scratch paper
Scratch n Sketch art paper
jumbo-puzzle-and-coloring-books-(1).jpg Velvety-coloring-posters.jpg Rainbow-Scratch-Paper.jpg Finish-the-Dry-Erase-Drawing.jpg
Pail grow kits
Do you want to enrich the lives of older adults? Join our team as an employee or volunteer today!

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