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National Nursing Assistants Week: Kindness in Action

Natl-NA-week_Logo.pngToday we kick off the 43rd Annual National Nursing Assistants Week. This year’s national theme is “Nursing Assistants: Kindness in Action.”  Over 2500 nursing assistants and home health aides serve throughout Presbyterian Homes & Services and Optage. These individuals are “kindness in action’ as they embody our mission, our compassion, and our commitment to person-centered care. They are intimately involved every day in the lives of people in their care and deserve appreciation and recognition for their dedicated service.

In their honor, we share a poem written by Bryan Williams that reminds us when we provide care and services to older adults, we declare their “unconditional worthiness.”

Sacred Ground
By Bryan Williams

This is where healing takes place.
This is where caring takes place.
This is where the ultimate expression of hospitality takes place.
Everything I say and do should declare that
“I see you…I honor you…and you have unconditional worthiness.”
Let there be no gossip.
Let there be no negativity.
Let us only lift each other up, as we lift up those we take care of.
Let us be grateful that there are people who entrust us with their health.
People who need us and depend on us.
May we never take that for granted or grow complacent.
This ground is not sacred because of my degrees, or certifications, or expertise.
It is sacred because
Caring happens here. Healing happens here. Love happens here.
From this day forward, I will consistently put the “care” in health care,
As I care for my residents, care for my colleagues, and care for myself.
As long as I have breath, I will do everything I can to keep this ground sacred.
Copyright 2016, Dr. Brian Williams, Used with permission.
Join us on Facebook for the next 7 days as we celebrate and showcase the nursing assistants who serve older adults in PHS communities.
Interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant? Presbyterian Homes & Services offers Nursing Assistant training programs that work with your busy lifestyle. Learn more here.

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