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Kind Regards: Caring well for Mom


In the Kind Regards series, we share grateful letters and reviews from residents and families. Reading the firsthand experiences of those we serve renews our passion and purpose. It’s our hope that they touch your hearts, too.

The following Google Review comes from Cheri, a daughter of a recent guest at Interlude Restorative Suites in Fridley, MN. She writes:
My mom has been going through a very difficult time for over a month. She contracted COVID-19 along with another infection. She had mild dementia before COVID-19, then declined greatly and now has high anxiety and confusion along with weakness. She ended up in the hospital, and then I chose to send her to Interlude in Fridley. My mom tells me every day that everyone is very nice to her, and this is the best care she has ever received. She is still confused about where she is and why she is there, but she feels cared about. Dealing with someone who has dementia is all new to me, and staff at Interlude have given me great tips that I now use when talking with my mom when she is confused. It is nice to hear her laugh again, and I have Interlude staff to thank for that!

Kind Regards is a regular feature that shares the letters, hand written cards and emails we receive from those we serve. Beyond expressing appreciation, these letters remind us how important and needed our ministry is and inspire us to offer our best. All letters shared with permission.

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